Baby Sneaker Update: 41 Weeks!!!!!

Well, here’s a post I never thought I’d have to write! I was hoping to be sharing adorable pictures of our little guy by now but instead here’s what you get!


Honestly, I don’t physically feel that awful. Sure I’m big, uncomfortable, and tired but nothing I can’t handle. I even swan 25 laps today! Mentally though it’s a little frustrating. I just can’t wait to meet this little guy. Every day I wake up thinking, “Could this be the day??” Then I go to bed at night thinking, “Guess not!” Of course it’s hard to make plans and I don’t want to travel too far from home just in case I do go in labor. It hasn’t been too bad keeping myself occupied and I really don’t mind people asking me how I’m doing, it’s good conversation. Of course I get to hear everyone’s suggestions for how to get labor started. Not gonna lie, I have tried a few of them! I know in my head that he has to come out SOMETIME but maybe once a day I get a little emotional just wondering when and how it’s going to happen. Then I remind myself that due dates are just estimates. Actually if you remember correctly they changed my due date based on how I was measuring at my first midwife appointment. Not to go into too much detail since goodness knows who reads this (hi mom and dad and people form church Smile) but I was charting my cycles in order to increase my chances of pregnancy and based on my last cycle my due date was actually February 24th. According to the computer software I used it estimates I could have the baby between February 14th and March 5th. So, I guess we are right in the middle of that! Tomorrow I go into the clinic where I will get and ultrasound, have a fetal non-stress test, and see the midwife. If everything looks ok I’m sure they will let me go a little longer on my own but I also fully expect them to talk about and maybe even schedule an induction. I would prefer to go into labor on my own. I am not against medical intervention during labor especially if it is what is best for me and the baby BUT I also believe that my body will know what to do, plus I have also heard that medicine used for inductions can make labor more painful which might mean I need more pain intervention.

What will be will be! No use worrying about it! For now I am enjoying my time off. In fact I picked up my knitting needles again and have already started working on a Halloween costume for our little guy.

Yoda Hat

Yoda Sweater

Fun stuff! I’ll be sure to be back tomorrow with an update!

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