Very Pinteresting!

Hi there friends! As I’m sure you can tell due to my frequent posting I am still waiting on baby and finding ways to spend my time!

For most of my pregnancy I had hardly any desire to cook. Oh sure, Brian and I would sit down and meal plan and I would pick some night to cook and have him pick some of my stand by recipes for me to make. What I really had no desire for was seeking out new recipes and trying them. I’m sure I bookmarked and starred a few recipes here and there during the last nine months but I can hardly remember making anything new and exciting and I certainly didn’t blog about it!

Well, I don’t know if I am “nesting” or just trying to find ways to occupy my time but I have been on a cooking spree lately and it’s all thanks so the latest and hottest social network Pinterest.  I actually joined Pinterest awhile ago when I read about it on Angela’s blog but no one I really knew was on it and I don’t why but it felt strange to follow complete strangers. It seems that lately though all my Facebook “friends” have been joining and posting so of course I’ve been “pinning” with the best of them. I find it a great source of inspiration for recipes, knitting ideas, and home care/cleaning ideas. If you’re on Pinterest follow me! And if you’re not, I highly recommend checking it out. I have two boards dedicated to recipes one where I pin recipes I’d like to try and  I just created a new board of recipes from Pinterest that I have tried and liked! Here are a few I’ve tried in the last couple of weeks and what I thought about them.

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese


I made a few changes to the original recipe. Instead of gorgonzola cheese on top I used blue chees. I also omitted the green onions and cilantro as a topping. Instead of panko bread crumbs I just used regular bread crumbs. This recipe was REALLY good and kind of unique. Brian does not like regular mace and cheese (I know, what if wrong with him?) but he was willing to give this a try and he loved it too! There were kind of a lot of steps involved in making this (and a lot of dishes) but I wouldn’t say it was particularly hard to make. It also made a TON we both had pretty big servings, and maybe even seconds and ate it for lunch a couple of days. I wouldn’t say this is a healthy recipe and I suppose you could use low-fat cheese but I just wanted to follow the recipe. I did use whole wheat pasta and served it with veggies, that’s healthy right?

No Bake Energy Bites


These little guys were SUPER easy to make. I actually made them about a week ago thinking they would be a good snack to take to with us to the hospital. Good thing I froze half of the batch. The recipe said you could use a variety of different add ins but I just kept it simple and stuck with the original ingredients. I did have a little trouble getting them to stick together. I think it is because I used all natural peanut butter (actual ground peanuts from the Co-Op) which are a little oily and maybe less sticky. I just added a little more honey and kept the dough in the fridge a little longer. These are a great quick bite before a yoga class or a swim  or just for a little snack. They also taste pretty good right out of the freezer (I know because this one came right out of freezer and into my mouth after the photo).

And tonight I made Chicken Crescents


Oh my! These were so good and so easy! Again, probably not the healthiest but definitely tasty and the perfect comfort food! You could probably healthify it by using low-fat crescent roles, low-fat cheese, and low-fat cream of chicken soup.  My only complaint is that I thought I cooked 2lbs of chicken and shredded it but I had a TON left over since you can’t fit too much in a crescent role. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t use two whole cups of cheese. I only bought one package of crescent roles because that’s what the recipe called for. I don’t really think you could have fit many more in the baking dish.  Guess we’ll have to come up with something else to make with it!

Just some fun and easy recipes to end the weekend! Enjoy! Here’s to hoping we’ll meet our little guy this week!

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