Pregnancy Must Haves

Hello again! Still no baby! Trying to find things to keep me busy but not exhaust me! Hence this post!

I thought I would share with you some of the things that have helped me get through my pregnancy, my pregnancy “must haves” if you will!

First up, this guy!


This picture was taken at party this summer (by our friend Jim, hi Jim!) right after we told a lot of Brian’s friends we were expecting! I think my husband and I have a pretty amazing relationship. I always say, “we are such a good team!” We are both pretty independent people probably because we waited until we were older to get married but at the same time we work really well together. Throughout my pregnancy Brian has been a constant source of strength and support. He is very practical and direct and helps ease my worries about pregnancy. We also have some pretty well defined roles as far as out house work goes. I do certain chores and like to do them a certain way but I have had to let go of my control issue so Brian can do more of the housework. He does get mad when I “over do it” with my little nesting projects. He really wants me to put my feet up and relax! I know he is going to be awesome during labor and delivery and I can’t wait to see him as a dad!

Next up,  my body pillow!


(Note the puppy paws in the picture, I took this right after the picture I took of Izzy in my previous post.)

This was pretty much the first pregnancy item I bought per the recommendation of my cousin.   My old back injury flared up pretty early in my pregnancy and I wasn’t sure if it was due to injury or being pregnant. By laying on this pillow with the curved part between my legs and hugging the rest of the pillow my back is in good alignment and feels really comfortable. I have also used the curved part behind my back and propped up with other pillows to read. It also helped me to get use to sleeping on my side early on in pregnancy. I choose the Leacho Preggle Pillow because it wasn’t as big as some other pillows and could be used in a variety of position.

My back injury did not flare up for the rest of my pregnancy which I contribute to my next two must haves:



and swimming


I have pretty much done yoga at LEAST once (usually twice) a week throughout my pregnancy and don’t intend to stop until the baby is born. Yoga makes me feel SO GOOD! It helps me open up and not feel like the baby is taking up so much room. It has also been good for strengthening my pelvic floor which will help during labor and after. Plus it helps to focus on breathing and relaxing. I LOVE yoga! Swimming also feels so good! I am so glad that I was a swimmer before being pregnant. At times it was the ONLY thing that felt good in my body. There is just something about being able to move my body and feel weightless at the same time. Again, I plan on keeping swimming until the end.

This next one might seem a little strange


Nasal Strips! I had no idea that congestion was a symptom of pregnancy but it is and I have it, almost from the beginning. It got really bad at night and I would often times have a hard time sleeping. Not to mention I started snoring which kept Brian up. When we went to visit the Gardner’s I had a pretty bad cold and Gardner suggested I try one of his Breathe Right Strips. It really worked! After that I have used one every night. I sleep better and Brian says my snoring has gotten better…a little! Just and FYI, I am showing a generic type of strip in the picture but I do truly think the name brand works better, I was just trying to save some $$.

And my last “must have”


regular pedicures! Now, I have had a pedicures before but only for special occasions and usually only in the summer. I have some pretty nasty feet and try to keep them looking somewhat decent on my own. In November it became pretty hard for me to reach my toes comfortably. I found a pretty inexpensive nail salon in the mall and got a pedicure. I was pretty much hooked from then on. Not only do you get to sit in a massage chair but it just feels good to get your feet pampered. I have had two more pedicures since then. I know that it is winter and the only time my feet are seen in public is at yoga or when I swim but I see them every day and I LOVE having them look so pretty!

So that is it! Some of the things that have gotten me through the last 9 months and made this pregnancy pretty happy and healthy!

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