Pregnancy Odds and Ends

Hey there! I’m still here and still pregnant, 2 days past my due date. Still no clue on when the little man will make his appearance. I can’t really say for sure if I’ve had “signs” of labor. The Braxton Hicks contractions have definitely gotten stronger and sometimes I wonder, “is this the real deal?” but the midwife said you’ll know you are really in labor if the contractions get consistently stronger and consistently more frequent, so far that hasn’t happened. I also have seemed to have lost my appetite and sometimes feel a little nauseous. I usually wake up hungry but only for something cold like a smoothie or cold cereal but for the rest of the day I kind of have to make myself eat not really sure if this is a sign of labor or just a sign of the end.

It has been kind of funny to see people’s reactions  when they see me at work or at that Y, they seem really surprised to see me and my giant belly! I think people don’t realize that due dates are just an estimate. I did in fact decide to start my maternity leave today. I just hated being in that state of limbo not knowing if I would be at the next event or if I would be able to respond to an email. So, I went to my last Youth Ministry program last night and handed the reigns over to my very competent replacement for the next three months. At first I felt relieved about my decisions but as the yesterday drew to close I kind of started to panic. I know that everything will be well taken care of but I really am going to miss work, I guess that is a sign of a good job. But at the same time there really is no reason for me to be there, I literally have NOTHING to do. Now I’m just going to put my feet up, maybe get a few little projects done, and enjoy the down time before my life is turned upside down.

A lot of friends and family have asked how we think Izzy is going to do with the new addition to our family.


Izzy is honestly the sweetest dog ever! I have seen other, smaller dogs bark and snap at her and she NEVER fights back. She has NEVER growled or snapped at a person. We can literally pull on her ears, her lips, her tail and she never gets mad. BUT she had bee our “baby” for the last 5 years AND she weighs 100lbs and I’m not really sure she knows it! Sometimes she gets a little exuberant and doesn’t realize her size. We have been doing a little preparation with her to get  ready for the baby. We’ve held a baby doll on our laps while watching TV and she doesn’t really seem to care. Yesterday we got a play mat in the mail and decided to test it out with Izzy and the baby doll.


Again, she really didn’t seem to care. She checked it out, licked the baby doll, sniffed at the toys but when we told her to leave it she did. I was more worried that she would tear the toys to pieces because they make noise but she didn’t. She was actually more excited that I was on the floor with her and wanted my attention. We don’t regularly get down on the floor with her (yes, she has full range of the furniture) so she thought I was there to hang out with her. This might take some getting use to. I know when I had to do my floor exercises to get the baby off my sciatica she first would bug me and follow me around but eventually she got bored and left me alone so I think she’ll be ok.

One thing we have changed, just this week, is our sleeping arrangement. Usually Izzy goes into our bed while we are watching TV. We let her stay in there while we read at night but then kick her out when it’s time to go to sleep. She would go out to our living room and sleep on the couch or the floor. Well, for a few weeks she would keep coming in our room at about 2:00am and wake us up. We always let her out but it didn’t seem like she urgently had to go to the bathroom. We don’t know if I had woken her up when I went to the bathroom or if she just heard us moving around and thought it was time to hang out with us. We decided  it had to stop. First of all we were both having a hard time getting back to sleep and secondly we knew that in the next few weeks we would already be getting up frequently in the middle of the night and we didn’t want to have to deal with a baby and a dog. So, now when we go in to read we put her in her kennel and lock the door for then night. Honestly I still feel guilty about it. I tell her what a good dog she is but she still looks bummed. I’m getting over it though, I know it’s for the best, we’ve definitely been sleeping better. This will be good practice when I have to say, “no” to my little boy.

Well, I guess that’s all for now! I was planning on including a list of my pregnancy “must haves” but this post is already too long! Stay tuned for that post and any news about our little guy!

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