Baby Sneaker Update: Week 40

Well, here we are the date that has been on my calendar since we found out I was actually two weeks farther along than I had originally thought and the date I’ve been telling people is my due date for months. Did I actually expect that I would have a baby today? Nope! I think they say only 5% of babies are born on their due date. So, here we are 40 weeks pregnant on Valentine’s Day!


The only red maternity shirt I have is WAY to small!

I went to see the midwife yesterday, she checked me and I was still not dilated but the actual exam wasn’t as painful as last week so something MUST be happening…right? Actually I’m not too worried about it, I know the little guy will come along when he is good and ready and as long as it is sill safe for me to be pregnant we won’t do anything to rush him. Right now the plan is, if I haven’t delivered by next week, Wednesday I have an appointment to see the midwife as well as to have an ultrasound and a non-stress test to make sure everything is ok and then I guess we’ll make a decision from there.

Other than feeling anxious to actually meet our little man and generally feeling uncomfortable and tired I honestly feel fine. My biggest decision right now is should I keep on working or just start maternity leave sooner rather than later. Originally I thought I wanted to work until I delivered because I thought I would be bored at home. But, the truth is, I’m kind of bored at work too as I have everything set and ready to go for when I did leave so there is nothing really left for me to do. I went to the office today and sitting at desk, even with breaks, is just not that comfortable. I don’t know, I guess I’ll see how tomorrow goes and talk to my boss about it. My job isn’t really that physically demanding but I just think I would be more comfortable at home. True, I might get bored at home too but at least I can lay down when I want to and just relax.

That’s about all from me. We didn’t make big plans for Valentine’s day since we didn’t know what life would bring us so we went out to one of our favorite pizza places, Big Al’s and then picked up the fixings for ice cream sundaes per my request. We are both already in our comfy clothes and plan on curling up in front of the TV for the rest of the night!

Stay tuned for any news!


2 responses to “Baby Sneaker Update: Week 40

  1. WoW looks like your ready to go. Wish I could get all caught up on work. Still can’t seem to figure out how they would do without me at work if I was to ever take maternity leave myself. Take care & I’ll be watching for more news! 🙂

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