Baby Sneaker Update: Week 39

Week 39 and still doing fine! I seriously can not believe that I am 39 weeks pregnant. Way back when I took that pregnancy test this week seemed so far away! I also couldn’t imagine being THIS BIG!


For now baby seems to be happy right where he is. I went to the midwife yesterday and she did an internal exam (ouch!) and said I wasn’t dilated at all and she guessed that I was 50% effaced but couldn’t really be sure. I wasn’t really surprised or disappointed, it is what it is. Baby will know when it’s time to come. I haven’t had any signs of labor yet. I have been able to feel and identify Braxton Hicks contractions which is something I didn’t really feel until a few weeks ago.

So, how does it feel to be 39 weeks pregnant? It’s kind of hard to describe. On the one hand this has become the new “normal.” I am so use to being this size and having a living, moving, 7lb being inside of me it’s hard to imagine anything else. On the other hand I get excited and anxious to meet this little guy and finally start the next chapter in our lives.  I also feel like I can’t commit to anything. It seems like every email I send I have to say, “Oh and by the way, I’m due to have a baby in one week so if you can’t contact me….” Or, “I might be at this event or that event but who knows.” I have every thing set up at work, “just in case” I should go into labor so a lot of people are waiting to hear from me or are surprised when they see me at work. My plan is to work until I go into labor. I thought about just setting a date and stopping work but I  was afraid that I would get bored sitting at home. Speaking about getting bored, I kind of am. I purposely arranged my schedule to be slower at this time be cause I knew physically I would not be able to work so many hours and late nights. Plus I’m not teaching fitness classes and I’m done with grad school so nothing to work on there. There are a ton of little “projects” I’d like to do around the house but physically it just wears me out too much. I am trying to enjoy this down time by doing a lot reading because I know once the little guys makes his arrival my downtime will be VERY limited. I’ve also been cooking more. Throughout my pregnancy I kind of lost my desire to search out new recipes and try them. People asked me if I was cooking ahead and freezing meals for when the baby came but that just did not sound like a fun idea to me plus Brian does a lot the cooking so I wasn’t worried. This week though I made two types of veggies burgers and froze them. I thought it would be good to have something quick and nutritious to have one hand for lunches once the baby is here.

Physically I feel pretty good. I am still doing yoga, swimming, and walking. Except for one night last weekend where I had a really hard time sleeping I feel  good. Of course I feel like the little guy is running out of room in there and sometimes my whole belly moves from side to side!

The only thing I’m worried about  is that I won’t be able to tell when I am actually in labor. Every woman who has ever had a child, including my midwife, has told me, “You’ll know!” So I guess I’m not really worried about that right now!

I guess that’s all for now. Stay tuned! Your guess is as good as mine as to when this little man will make his appearance. It’s sure is an exciting time!


One response to “Baby Sneaker Update: Week 39

  1. Well, you look fabulous anyway! Glad you seem to be feeling pretty good too. 🙂

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