Nursery Tour

Hello there! Wow two posts in one week and this one doesn’t even feature my big belly! Smile

As I mentioned yesterday I feel ready to have this baby. I have all the essentials ready in the nursery. Sure there are a few little things I would still like to hang up and my mom is going to help me make a book sling but other than that we are good to go! Now, I must confess I am NOT a decorator or really that much into detail. I mean, I like things to look nice but I am not really good at coordinating things or dealing with the finer details of decorating. I guess I just think the simpler the better and I’ll take function over form any day. I think that our nursery turned out pretty cute and reflects my laid back style in regards to home decorating. This room really is different from what it was. To see some photos from what this room looked like before as well as in progress check out these posts.

Into the Black Hole


Winding Up the Weekend

Nursery Progress

Here is the dresser/changing table area as well as the glider. The light green item in the foreground is a hamper. Not sure if that is where that will stay, it kind of looks out of place and gets in the way but I’m still not sure where to put it.


Here’s a closer look with the decorative lamp on.


Check out these cute shelves Brian put up with some keepsakes on them. My youngest niece gave our baby the dinosaur and I will probably take it down and give it to the baby when he’s old enough. But until then it holds a special place on the shelf.


Here is the crib/toy area. I really like the matching deer art that goes with our set (thanks mom Johnson!) The bassinet you see was actually used by me AND my mom. It is SUPER sturdy and well made. It probably won’t stay in the room and will be in our room or where ever we happen to be in the house.


Our crib with the matching mobile.


And our “practice” baby. This was a doll I had when I was little. We brought it  to our house so Izzy could get use to us carrying around something. It was also useful in trying out our car seat and practicing swaddling. I have to admit Brian is a much better swaddler than I am!


I also really like the matching window valance (sorry bad picture).


This last corner is kind of a catch all right now.


You’ll notice our hospital bag/stuff in the corner and the car seat. Obviously those won’t be staying there. The swing will also probably not stay there either. I’m sure it will go in our living room. Notice I did not show you the inside of the closet or the drawers. They are pretty full with stuff we will need but not until he gets a little older as well as blankets, sheets, and towels.

So that’s it!

Hope you and our little guy likes it!


7 responses to “Nursery Tour

  1. CUTE room. it is getting exciting now!! the lil guy will LOVE it!

  2. That is a super adorable room. The dresser/changing table looks exactly like Anna/Isaac’s. Can’t wait to meet the little guy!!

  3. The Whitney's and Klesmith's

    We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new little Johnson……….
    The Wausau and Stevens Point clan

  4. I love it! That room looks so cozy. 🙂

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