Baby Sneaker Update: 38 Weeks

Hello there! Today I am 38 weeks pregnant and feeling SO much better than last week! Some time between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the baby must have moved off of my sciatic nerve because the unending pain in my right leg/butt/back was gone. I went to church and ran some errands on Sunday and it was a little sore but not the shooting pain I was having before. Today I even managed to get outside and enjoy our unseasonable warm January weather (it was 44*!) and take a walk with Brian and Izzy. Last week the walk from my car to my office was excruciating! Of course I still feel like I am 38 weeks pregnant and big but at least I can walk (waddle) and move with out pain.


I realized that last week I was so focused on my pain that I didn’t even mention the size of the baby.  This week my “little” guy is now about 6.8lbs and 19 1/2 inches long! When the midwife felt my baby she said he felt like he was about 7lbs. I asked her if she could tell if he was in “the right” position (meaning anterior vs. posterior) but she said she didn’t like to “scare” her patients incase baby was posterior. She said that as long as I was feeling relief from the pain he was probably settling into the correct position. She thought his back was on the front of my right side. She said if I wanted to continue spending 10 minutes twice a day on my hands an knees I could, especially if it felt good. It does, so I’ll keep doing it. Everything else blood pressure, heartbeat, belly measurement, looked good and she said I have seemed to have topped out (for now) 41 lbs. gained. Still over the 35lb limit but she didn’t seemed concerned so I won’t worry about it either.

I haven’t been able to stick with my workout plan due to the pain and basically just because I have been listening to my body. A lot it has to do with sleep. I have been sleeping surprisingly well for being this far along in my pregnancy. I definitely don’t sleep through the night but I get a decent amount of sleep. If I wanted to stick with my workout plan I would have to get up at 5:30am a couple times a week, right now, sleep is more of a priority to me and I can easily sleep until 7 or 7:30 and still get to work on time. Last week I went to yoga twice and swam once. This week I plan to go to yoga twice and swim once or twice plus trying to enjoy the weather with some walks. Lifting weights just doesn’t sound fun any more! I am totally ok with this. I am just trying to focus on listening to my body and saving up my energy for “the big day.”

Speaking of my little guy’s birthday in theory it could be any day now! Also, it could be 3-4 weeks from now if I go late. I feel ready as far as having the nursery ready, having things in place at work etc. Physically I feel ready too. But, at the same time I’m trying not to get into an anxious mind-set of ,”today could be the day!!” It’s kind of hard not to though, especially when I have plans (and back up plans) at work or with people and you just “never know” if you’ll be there.

One final note, check out the shirt I am wearing in my weekly photo.


I was sent this sweater to review from Seraphine. They specialize in maternity and nursing clothes. See those decorative snaps along my arm. The open up for easy access. Probably the best part of this sweater is that you can wear during and after pregnancy. It is made out of SUPER soft material and is really comfortable. I think that it emphasizes the parts of my body that are still “normal” sized but also had plenty of room for my ever growing belly. I will also review the sweater after the baby is born. My only complaint is that is hand wash only. I don’t know that that is very practical with a messy baby around. I guess we’ll have to see. For the most part I felt pretty fashionable today for being 38 weeks pregnant. It should be notes that as soon as we were done taking pictures I changed into my “comfy clothes.”  Smile

You’ll also notice we’ve been taking our pictures in the nursery. I promise a full tour later this week (unless this little guys decides to make an appearance)!

Until next time!


4 responses to “Baby Sneaker Update: 38 Weeks

  1. Kristin, I think everything you are doing to help baby move is so awesome! I also wanted to encourage you that I have delivered a “sunny side up” baby (my first) as the nurses call them and to be honest, you can do it! Childbirth is amazing and someone who is so in tune as you are – I think you will actually enjoy the experience! I can’t wait for “the day” to come. Prayers and congrats all around!

  2. Love your posts. Dad and I just returned from an amazing anniversary dinner at the Freighthouse. Now time to count calories. Goodnight. Love Mom

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