Baby Shower #3!

Hello there! Wow! Two posts in one week from me…amazing!

I don’t often write about work on this blog, mainly I only mention it when I’ve been busy and not had time to write. To be honest I originally started writing this blog as kind of a get away from my church job choosing to focus on fitness and food, something different that what I do at the church. A the church I am the coordinator of Youth Ministry working with the teenagers in our church and  I also hold the title of Associate Campus Minister. Our church is a Newman Center meaning that we are the Catholic Church connected with the public University in our town so I also get to work with college students. I can hardly believe that this is my sixth year working at the Church. A lot of people often comment on how great it must me to have my job. Today I can confidently say that I LOVE my job but the last six years have not been without challenges and doubts. It took me awhile to get into a groove and discover how I can use my talents and skills to best do my job. Of course I know that there will always be challenges and kids who don’t like coming to church but I love working with teens and college students and helping them to grow in their faith.

One of the most cool things that I have gotten to experience while pregnant is sharing this journey with the young people I work with as well as other members of our parish. Some of the first people that I told I was pregnant were the kids that I took on the mission trip last summer. I debated telling them since it was so early but I just wanted them to know why I wasn’t doing certain things or if I should happen to not feel well why.  I’m glad I did  because they have essentially been with me since the beginning. Some of the kids I work with are super excited and always ask me tons of questions about the baby. They also have been an AWESOME group to work with this year causing virtually no challenges to me this year. My college kids are also excited and have been such a great help to me in working with the teens. That’s why this last shower was really special to me.

My co-worker Kathy did a lot of the planning as well as a few parents of the teens I work with. I literally had no idea who was invited or what would happen. I just knew the date and time. Earlier this month, at one of our youth gatherings the teens excitedly told me that they got my shower invite. They were so excited! I honestly had no expectations for this shower. I didn’t expect any gifts, I was thinking families would offer services like bringing us food or babysitting and that would have been just fine with me!

I was truly surprised with how many teens, college students, and families came to my shower to help me celebrate our baby.

Here are my “kids”!


Some of my college students ( a few arrived late as they were traveling back from home).


I could not believe all the beautiful and thoughtful gifts everyone brought. The invite didn’t tell them where I was registered so all the gifts were picked out by my kids or their parents. I got a TON of adorable clothes, soft fuzzy blankets, cute stuffed animals, and really fun toys!

Brian was also invited and helped was a great help with the gift opening!


But probably the best part and also the most touching part was when my priest offered a blessing over Brian, myself and the baby.


I feel so blessed that I have gotten to share my pregnancy with the people of my parish. I can’t wait for my little guy to grow up in this community, he is already so loved!


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