Baby Sneaker Update: Week 37

Well, we made it! I am now officially FULL TERM! This means that if I were to go into labor today the midwives wouldn’t try to stop it and the little guy would be fine and healthy if he made  his entrance into the world!

Just when I thought my belly couldn’t get any bigger!


Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly slow down any more and just when I thought I sailed through pregnancy without any “problems” last week happened.

I started having some pretty bad pain on the left side of my lower back into my butt and down my leg. Now I’ve had back and leg injuries before from running and over exercising but nothing like this. Probably the worst part was NOTHING I did helped! Not yoga, not swimming, not resting, nothing! It hurt to even walk. I consulted “Dr. Google” and was pretty sure it had something to do with my sciatica. When I went to the midwife yesterday I told her about it and she agreed that that was probably what it was. She also told me the reason I was having the sciatic pain was because of the baby’s position. Remember a few weeks ago when I said the baby was in the perfect position for delivery? Well, now, not so much. He is still head down but he is in the posterior position Which means his back is towards my back.


A lot of babies are in the posterior position at the time of labor and then they turn to the more favorable anterior position. Having a baby in the posterior position can cause women to have longer and more painful labor. The midwife also said it was most definitely the cause of my pain. She told me that I needed to try and get him to flip and that I should spend 10 minutes twice a day on my hands and knees. I also Googled other ways to get the baby to flip and reread Gina’s posts on techniques she used to get her baby to flip. For some reason I can mentally handle the idea that if the baby doesn’t flip I might have a difficult labor and delivery but what I couldn’t handle mentally was the thought that I was going to be in pain for the next three (or more!) weeks and would have difficulty walking from that pain. So, I REALLY want this baby to flip. So here is what I am doing to try and get him to flip.

  • Spending time on hands and knees twice a day for 10 minutes
  • Sitting on my exercise ball even at work
  • Just hanging out draped over the ball so that my stomach hangs down (gravity is suppose to get him to flip)
  • Only sleeping on my left side (I usually flip to my right a couple times a night)
  • NOT reclining which is something I’ve been doing all along since we have a couch that reclines
  • Talking to the baby asking him to turn in the right position
  • Visualizing him in the anterior position

I have only been doing this for one day but this morning when I woke up my pain was a lot less. I don’t know if I flipped him but he definitely moved so my pain isn’t quite as bad. I have a massage scheduled for later this week and I might try swimming. I swam last Tuesday but my back/leg/butt pain was really bad afterwards. If I don’t get him to flip I might even try seeing a chiropractor something which I have NEVER done.

Other than the pain in my leg I have been feeling pretty good. I got most things situated in the nursery (pictures to come) things are ready a work if I should deliver “any day.” It has just been frustrating to be in so much pain. I have energy and desire to do things but it has just been too painful. For example, it normally takes me about an hour and 45 minutes to clean our whole house but this weekend I had to break it up into two days of cleaning. So frustrating for someone who likes to go go go but I am learning that this little guy will be the one in charge even in utero!

I also had a beautiful shower at the church I work at and plan on doing a full post on that soon!

Tonight Brian and I went out to eat and as we were walking into the restaurant he said, “You know, this could be the last time we go out to eat without a kid.” Whoa! I guess I didn’t think about it that way! Wow we are SO close it is getting more and more real by the day!


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