Baby Shower #2!

Hello friends and family! Hope you had a good Monday. I know most of Wisconsin (including my husband) was recovering from the Packer loss yesterday! I had a lovely relaxing weekend including my second baby shower hosted by my wonderful sister-in-laws.


From the first year I dated Brian (over 10 years ago!) Brian’s family welcomed me with open arms and treated me just like family! I immediately inherited these to lovely ladies Caren (on my left) Brian’s brother’s wife and Julie (Brian’s sister) as my own sisters. They have provided me with a wealth of knowledge as I prepare for my first baby. Plus they threw me this beautiful shower at the Country Club where we invited women from Brian’s side of the family, friends of my mother-in-law and the mom’s of Brian’s very good friends who might as well be family!

My adorable nieces!



The Ehle girls!


The Callan clan!


The moms! From left to right: Christy, Brian’s friend Bob’s mom, Ceil, Joe’s mom, Beth, Brian’s mom, and Pam, Trent’s mom!


A collection of Beth’s friends and neighbors.


My ADORABLE cake made by my sister-in-law Caren.


And my mom who took all these pictures! Thanks mom!


Today I went through all the beautiful gifts I received and I can’t even express how blessed I feel that so many people came to my shower and want to help bring this little guy into the world a little easier for me and Brian by giving us such generous gifts. Really there are only a few things I feel that I NEED in order to take care of this baby. Most of the toys/clothes/books/baby care items etc. have all been give to me as gifts.  I really just can’t get over how wonderful and generous everyone has been! I definitely have a better appreciation for new mom’s and will remember this generosity when other women I know have their first baby. I just feel so loved!!

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