Little Did We Know

Hey there! Happy Thursday to you! Almost the weekend right? We are having an unseasonable warm winter around these parts! The high today so far was 50*! I keep saying to myself that this would have been the perfect year to run a half marathon in January. Last year I was running in single digit numbers through at LEAST a foot of snow!

Speaking of running a half marathons, exactly one year a go on this date, I was all packed and ready to go to Florida to run the Walt Disney Half Marathon. That was such a great race and a great trip with some of my very best friends. Little did we know that for two us this would be our last big vacation without babies!

My friend Becky (2nd in the back) had a little girl at the end of August. She was actually VERY NEWLY pregnant while on this trip and didn’t even know it yet. And here we are going to have a baby next month.

I have a somewhat similar photo to the one I shared with you last year for today!


Brian and I are headed out of town  for one last hurrah before the baby comes! We are headed up to the Twin Cities to visit the Gardners who we always have a good time with! I don’t plan on bringing my laptop and just unplugging for the weekend and enjoying are mini vacation. I’ll be back with full fun recap!

By the way, when we come back I plan on repacking that suitcase and using it as my hospital bag! Hard to believe we are getting that close!


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