Hoping and Believing: Reflections on 2011

Hi there! Happy New Year! I hope you rang in 2012 just the way you wanted! I wasn’t able to stay awake until midnight but I still spent a nice evening with my family. I plan on sharing some highlights from our Christmas celebrations soon!

As most people do at the beginning of a New Year I’ve been reflecting upon the past year and looking to the new year with hope and anticipation of what is to come. Last year at this time I couldn’t have even imagined that I would be pregnant let alone anticipating the birth of my child in almost six weeks. In fact I was totally focused on preparing for the 2011 Walt Disney World Half Marathon and the fabulous trip I was going to take with my husband and friends. I remember that shortly after I returned from my trip I was already scheming and planning the next race I would train for or the next fitness goal I would achieve. But, I had a revelation one day in a yoga class of all places that their was another very important goal that I had wanted to achieve but had been putting off. That goal was, becoming a mother. We had had some trouble reaching that goal and had put it off until we were ready to deal with it. I realized, after the fact, that training for triathlons and half marathons and more was my way of avoiding a very challenging situation. It was a challenging thing to face, I mean there was the definite possibility that I would fail. I knew that I had to prepare myself mentally for dealing with the challenges that infertility brings and if I continued to focus my energy towards training I would continue putting off dealing with this challenge and  I might never achieve my goal of becoming a mother weather it be physically or through adoption.  So, I made a decision that I would not train for marathon in 2011. I never really made it a goal to get pregnant in 2011, I knew that mentally that would not be the best idea. I guess it was more of goal to figure out just exactly how we could become parents. I never prayed that I would get pregnant I just prayed that God would show me how it was that I was suppose to become a mother. As I’ve mentioned before I had mentally prepared myself that I might never be pregnant but I knew in my heart that some how I would become a mother.

The day I found out I was pregnant was definitely the best day of 2011 for me and a day I will never forget. I feel so blessed that God has allowed me to experience the joy of being pregnant. Much of my blog this past year has been about my pregnancy and I am so glad that I have this type of venue to share my thoughts, memories, and experiences. I am sure that 2012 will be filled with my adventures into motherhood as well as getting back into shape after having a baby. Today at Church our priest talked about how the month January is named after the god Janus who was the god of transitions and new beginnings. I know that this new year will be just that as I venture into a whole new world of being a mom. For now I am not setting any resolutions for 2012. I do have a few goals/plans as far as getting back to running after baby is born but I plan to share those in another post. For now I am basking in the joy that 2011 brought and the adventures 2012 has to offer.

Thanks for reading my blog! It is so great that so many of my family, friends, and even people who I haven’t met have taken an interested in my little corner of the blog world. Thanks for being there and I hope you continue to enjoy the journey with me!


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