Baby Sneaker Update: Week 33

Well hi there! How was your Christmas? Mine was quite delightful. I did take a few pictures but spent most of my time just enjoying the company of family and friends.

I can’t believe another week has gone by and we are one week closer to meeting our little guy. You are not going to believe how big he is this week. He’s the size of a pineapple!!


I remember a few months ago reading Emily’s  33 week update and just couldn’t imagine my baby being the size of a pineapple (I was only 16 weeks and he was only the size of an avocado!) but here we are! He’s a little over 17 inches long and just over 4lbs. And I can certainly tell! He is taking up every inch of space inside of me!


(Brian says my belly looks bigger if I don’t turn my head towards the camera)

I’m still feeling lots of kicks and they seem even stronger now that there is less room in there. I have even been able to see him moving through my clothes. He likes to hang out on my right side and I hardly ever feel him on the left. The midwife confirmed that ,”there is a lot of baby on the right side.” She also confirmed what I suspected, that he is in the anterior position meaning that his legs are towards my back.


So I guess those ripples I see moving across my belly are his little butt pressing against me. The midwife also confirmed that his head is down so he is in the perfect position for birth, not let’s just hope he stays that way for the next 7 weeks or so!

Other than telling me what position the baby was in my blood pressure was fine, the heartbeat sounded good, my belly was measuring right on track and I was up a few more pounds but she didn’t seem to concerned. It was a pretty short appointment. I think I mentioned before that I am trying to meet most of the midwives at our hospital. I know I wasn’t with her very long but I wasn’t too fond of this particular midwife. She was all business and didn’t seem very personable. Granted I didn’t really have any questions or concerns but I still felt more comfortable with the other two I have met. I really hope this particular midwife isn’t on call when I do go into labor but really there is nothing I can do about it.

I definitely crossed a threshold and can tell just how much my body has changed and how I need to start slowing down, A LOT! Yesterday was my day off and I usually do my weekly cleaning. I also decided to accomplish one of my many “nesting” chores, cleaning out the cabinet in our bathroom as well as deep cleaning the bathroom itself. I also thought that since our fridge was pretty empty I should clean that out and give it a good wipe down. I thought I was doing pretty good. Sure is was uncomfortable scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees and bending over to put stuff away but I took breaks and felt pretty good about all I accomplished. But when I was  finished I felt like I had just run 12 miles! My hips and feet were killing me and I was so tired! I could barely take the dog for a walk around the block. I spent the rest of the day evening laying down and taking it easy. Brian even had to run to the Co-Op for me to buy our weekly produce. I definitely over did it! I still felt pretty sore and tired this morning but a few laps in the pool helped me loosen up and feel a little better. It really is time for me to slow down. Even though I have more “chores” I’d like to accomplish before the baby comes I’ll need to pace myself. I just can’t be the rock star cleaning machine I use to be.

Other than feeling like I need to slow down I feel okay. Still tired and feeling big and like my belly is very full and tight but overall no other annoying or unusual symptoms.

That’s it from me for this week. To close I’ll give you a run down of a few numbers:

Number of days until due date: 49 (!)

Number of days until next midwife appointment: 13 (going every other week now)

Number of days until next shower: 18

Number of hours a day I could watch my belly roll: infinite!!


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