Nursery Progress

Hey there! Are we ready for Christmas yet? Hard to believe it is just a few days away! As I mentioned in my last post I hadn’t made much progress on our nursery since Brian assembled the crib and dresser. After my shower a couple weekends ago I pretty much put all my gifts in the room and quietly shut the door until I had time to work on organizing everything. It was a DIASTER!



The main problem was I didn’t have a place to put everything because even though I cleaned out the closet in this room a little  over a year a ago it still had a bunch of junk in it. Mainly in the nice deep drawers which I knew would be perfect for storage.


             102_1549                   102_1550

Today was my day to work at the Y and since I don’t have to work on my thesis any more, in between teaching classes I worked on cleaning out this closet and getting things organized. I even washed up the new clothes and blankets. Now everything has a place and I know just exactly what I have.



I didn’t put everything away, I wanted to leave the cute diaper/baby supply cake my friends made for my shower up. Eventually I will get a changing pad for the top of the dresser and organize more diaper supplies. Maybe I can even get Brian to put some shelves above the dresser.



I still left our nice, dressy clothes on the left side of the closet since I didn’t think the baby needed more than half the closet. I cleaned out the shelves so I could put the baby blankets, sheets, and towels on them.

Of course the car-seats will need to be installed in the cars. Seriously, I had no idea how complicated car-seats were. I read the instruction manual and I got a head ache! I’m not exactly sure where we will keep the swing, and I still need to find a place for the bassinet (not pictured). I still don’t have EVERYTHING I need but at least I feel a little more organized and somewhat ready. I definitely need some artwork for the bare walls but I’m not very good at that stuff. Maybe a wall decal?? At least now when I have my next shower I’ll know where I want to put stuff.

It’s getting there! Slowly put surely. Sometimes I feel like I have a lot of time to get ready but other times I feel a little panicked. I just hope the little guy doesn’t make an early arrival! I really do love how it’s all coming together. It just makes it seem so much more real! A little person is going to live in this room!! CAN. NOT. WAIT!


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