Baby Sneaker Update:Week 32

Hey there! Wow week 32! Some how my due date seems so close yet so far away all at the same time! I guess “they” say you can go two weeks early or two weeks later than you due date so that means any where between 6 and 10 weeks! 6 definitely seems to short and 10 seems way too long! Let’s hope baby comes right on time, 8 weeks seems just about right!

My sources say that the baby is about the size of a jicama but I did not go searching for one of those for the photo shoot! In case you’re wondering how big that is it is 3.75lbs and 16.5inches long. That seems like a pretty big growth spurt from last week.

A woman in the locker room at the YMCA commented that she thinks within the last few weeks I’ve really “popped.” I would have to agree. That belly is large and in charge!


I am actually wearing a non-maternity sweater that still “fits.”  I am definitely feeling similar to how I felt during the first trimester. I find myself getting really tired in the middle of day and longing to go home from work, put on my comfy clothes, and go to bed! On the other hand if I do too much in one day I get worn out pretty quickly. If I’m on my feet too long I can definitely start to feel the extra weight I’m carrying around. It’s all about finding balance. I have been trying to go to bed early and get as much sleep as I can. I am also feeling uncomfortable, just being so big and having the baby take up so much space. Other than that I’m doing pretty great. Just experiencing the common side effects of the end of pregnancy.

Brian put together the stroller and the swing we got at my shower but other than that I haven’t done too much in the way of getting the nursery in order or organizing or putting away the gifts. I have grand plans for that later this week. I actually have a whole list of “nesting” chores I’d like to get done before the baby comes, hope my energy holds up.

Other than that not much new. I “borrowed” Brian’s new Packer’s jersey to wear during the game this weekend. It fit my belly perfectly!


However, half way through the game Brian said I had to take it off because they were losing and it was bad luck! I might try wearing it again next weekend, I don’t believe in luck!

Until next time!


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