Baby Sneaker Update: Week 31

Wow! Here we are 31 weeks pregnant only 9 (or less or more) until we get to meet this little guy! So excited!

This week my baby is a little over 3lbs and over 16 inches long. About the size of this 3lb. bag of clementine’s.


There is no doubt in my mind about his size. I definitely feel like he is taking up A LOT of room in there. My belly is really getting in the way now even in the simple every day actions of getting up from the couch, rolling over in bed, or just sitting at my desk. I can not imagine what I will feel like in nine weeks! I am definitely feeling the third trimester. I get really tired these days and just can’t wait to put comfy clothes on an relax.

Baby has been very active this week. His kicks and rolls have been particularly strong .


I went to a midwife appointment yesterday and also met with a nurse. The nurse went over a lot of things I already knew about in regards to preterm labor, what to do when labor actually happens, my birth plan and a whole bunch of other things related to “the big day.” I can’t really say I learned anything I didn’t know. I met a new midwife yesterday. There are 10 midwifes associated with our hospital. Six of them work at the clinic closest to our home but any one of the 10 could be on call when I go into labor. I’m trying to meet at least the six at my regular location. I really like the one I’ve been seeing as well as the new one I met yesterday. Every thing looked good yesterday except for one thing, it seems I have maxed out on the amount of weight I am “suppose to” gain. Yep, that’s right, I’ve gained 35lbs. I asked her if this is a problem and her advice was that as long as I am not eating a ton of junk (which I am not) and still exercising (which I am) my body will do what it needs to do to grow an appropriate sized baby. She asked me to think of some ways to cut back on unnecessary sugary foods such as juices, pop, and other foods. I do agree that my indulgences have greatly increases from when I wasn’t pregnant and I plan on cutting back on my nightly bowl of ice cream as well as drinking regular pop when we go out to eat. I’m not too worried about this since I am over all healthy. Not to mention two women at the Y compliment me on how good I look and how great it was that I was exercising while pregnant. The baby is measuring right on track and I don’t feel like I’ve gained weight anywhere except in my belly.

From here on out I will visit the midwives every other week and eventually every week. I can’t believe we are getting that close!!

I will leave you with some more pictures from my baby shower this weekend. Now that my thesis is finished I hope to get things more organized in the nursery and share some pictures with you!

My mother-in-law and childhood neighbor Judy


“The Girls” who I go out with on “girls night” Becky, Emily, and Nicole, with Nicole’s little guy John. He was so cute at the shower and really got into all the games!


My good friends from high school Aleecia, Marianne, and Betsy. Marianne was one of the gals who helped plan my shower.


My sister-in-law Raina and her mom Judy


Another good friend from high school Amy and her Mom Jean, also hostesses of my shower.


Opening presents!

IMG_2437 IMG_2438

IMG_2439  IMG_2440IMG_2441 IMG_2442

What a great day!


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  1. I think you are doing a awesome job here thanks so much for the solid information.

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