Baby Sneaker Update: Week 30

HOL-Y COW! 30 weeks! I can hardly believe there is a 3 where there use to be a 2! Someone asked me yesterday how much longer and I said, “10 weeks!” some how 10 doesn’t seem like very many to me all the sudden! Plus it could potentially be less!!

This week baby is almost 3lbs and almost 16 inches long! The sources I read compares his size to that of a cabbage but like I said on week 28 I do NOT like cabbage (I guess that week it was suppose to be a Chinese cabbage, I’m not even sure what that is!). So, I had Brian find me another one of his “critters” to compare our baby’s size to. Here ya go!


Hard to believe that in the next 10 weeks the baby will double in size (or possibly be even larger!).


He is certainly making his size known to me with all his kicks and jabs! Sometimes I can actually see my belly move from the outside when he kicks. It’s kind  of crazy and if you blink you think you are just imagining things. I spend a few minutes every night watching my belly for those little pulses. It’s so amazing and makes everything more real!

I’m still feeling pretty good. I will say that during the second trimester I felt so good that I constantly thought to myself, “I love being pregnant! I think I could be pregnant forever!” Now, I am definitely glad there is an end in site! Really I just feel large and doing normal things like getting up from the couch or sitting and working at the computer for too long are uncomfortable. These are just minor annoyances and I feel very lucky that I haven’t had too many terrible awful pregnancy symptoms. I guess I am just looking forward to feeling “normal” again although I have accepted the fact that what use to be “normal” will be no more and I will have to adjust to the “new normal.”

I have definitely felt more emotional this week. The other day I was rough housing with Izzy and I must have pulled her ear a little to hard and she yelped! I felt SO bad I almost started crying! She seems to have forgiven me though!


I do worry about how she’ll feel when the baby comes. She has been our “baby” for five years so I am sure it will take some adjusting. I think she will be just fine with the baby because she is the sweetest dog ever! I haven’t ever heard her growl or snap at another person or another dog. She’s just a little rough and excitable and at 100lbs that can get a little crazy! It will definitely be interesting!

I also find myself getting emotional and anxious when thinking about what life with a baby will be like. Emotional because I just can’t wait until he is here and we can meet him and hold him. Anxious because, well, he’s a baby! I honestly have no idea what life will be like with baby and I have your typical worries that every new mom has! I know that life as I know it will never be the same and that is sometimes hard to wrap my head around.

That’s about it from me for now! For the past few days my life has been pretty consumed with my thesis which I am presenting this Saturday!!! After my presentation is my first baby shower and I CAN NOT WAIT!

Hope you are having a great week! I might be back later this week with a post about my husband and some of the funny things he’s said throughout my pregnancy!

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One response to “Baby Sneaker Update: Week 30

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! It would be a delight to see you in person as you progress through the pregnancy! How is grandma taking all of this?! She is loving it! Please keep in contact….remember me from the Y in La Crosse? I miss everyone at the Y and have always enjoyed the classes you instructed and lockerroom conversations. Terry

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