The First of Many

Hey there! How are you on this Saturday? Over here it is VERY gloomy rainy and cold out! The perfect type of weather to make you want to stay inside and work on your master’s thesis which is exactly what I’ve been doing alllllllll day! The good news is, the end is in sight, I think!

Last night I got to go out with a very special group of ladies!


We haven’t gone out for “girls’ night” in a VERY long time. If you’d liked to read about some of other “girl’s nights” check out these posts:

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Last night was the first time that I had been out with the girls since becoming pregnant. You see, I am the only one in our group who does not have children. I’ll admit sometimes it was hard to go out and hear about all the “kid stuff” when  and I didn’t have kids and really wanted to but I always knew that these gals would always be there to support me no matter up. Plus we talk about so much more than kids and always have such a good time laughing and usually closing the restaurant down (like we did last night!). But last night was definitely different, I probably listened a little more carefully taking in all the advice I could. I know these women will provide invaluable advice as I figure out how to be a mom. They all such awesome moms and I am so lucky to have them as friends! I can’t wait to share my adventure of motherhood with them.

I am such a bad food blogger though! I didn’t take any pictures of our food! We went out to Edwardo’s Pizza Wagon which specializes in wood-fired pizza’s. I had the Spinach Wild Mushroom pizza which had fresh spinach, sautéed shiitake and oyster mushrooms, roma tomatoes, basil pesto, Fontina, Mozzarella and Provolone cheeses, oregano and thyme so good!

Maybe I forgot to take pictures because I was to excited about all the cute gifts my girlfriends brought for my baby!


Look at all those cute clothes and the great bath items for my baby AND me! Displayed on the new rug I picked out for the nursery. I still don’t have it placed quite where I want it but I will be sure to show you the completed look once it’s done.

In other news it appears the Green Bay Packer’s are recruiting my baby boy AND my husband!



Just kidding! These were gifts from our friend Joe!


Since the day we found out we were having a little boy Brian has been joking that we are going to name him Clay Matthew after the famous linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. I told him that the only way that will happen is if I go into labor early and the baby is born during the Super Bowl, of which the Packers are playing, and win AND if Clay Matthews is the MVP! So, no, that is not the name we have chosen for our son but it is super cute to tell people that. We don’t have one name picked out yet and are kind of waiting until we meet him to decide.

That’s about it from me! My brain is totally fried from working on that paper. I plan on spending the rest of the night on the couch watching tv and vegging out!

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