Winding up the Weekend

Wow! Three posts in one week! Someone (ME!!) must have finished the first draft of their thesis and has some time on their hands!!

This weekend was the perfect mix of time spent with family and friends, getting stuff done, and relaxation!

Besides getting the rough draft of my thesis done we also made some progress on the baby’s nursery. About a week ago Brian put together the crib and I washed up the bedding I bought.


The bed is still not complete as we don’t have a mattress yet. I have one on my registry and am waiting until after my showers to purchase one (or not).Still not sure where I’m going to put that small chest of drawers and I would like to paint it white but since the temperature has dropped not sure if that will be happening.

This weekend Brian put together the dresser for the nursery. I really like it!


I plan on putting a changing pad on top and using that as a changing table. And look what I accomplished.


I washed up and sorted the clothes my cousin gave me as well as the ones people have already given us as gifts. The middle drawers have 0-3month clothing and the bottom drawers have 3-6month clothing. I also have a pile of 6-9 month clothing that still need a home but that’s a project to another day. I plan on using the top drawers for diapers and accessories like socks and hats. I’m glad they label baby clothing because I truly have no idea the difference in size between a 3 month baby and a 6 month baby. I hear some of the clothing “sizes” don’t necessarily match the age of your baby so I figured it was a good idea to get everything ready and have it on hand while I figure out which size our little guy will be wearing. It was so fun folding all the cute clothes thinking about how soon there will be a little person who gets to wear them all. I can’t wait! It’s all starting to come together and become very real that this WILL be happening and SOON!

Since our good friends the Gardner’s were in town I had Mr. Gardner take some photos of us for our Christmas card. I’ll share some of the outtakes so I don’t spoil the actual photo for our friends and family!



I will tell you that we ended up taking off our coats to show off my bump and it was COLD and WINDY!


Hope your holiday was everything you hoped it would be! Have a good start to your week and before you know it, it will be Christmas!


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