Thankful for 22lbs and counting!

Hi there! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that the holiday spirit continues throughout your weekend! I am so disappointed in myself as a blogger. Last year I blogged in detail not only about our Thanksgiving Feast but also of my preparation leading up to the big day and some fun adventures we had afterwards. Yesterday I took my camera to my parent’s house where we were celebrating Turkey Day and I didn’t take a single picture!! I guess I have been pretty consumed with my thesis paper (just submitted my first rough draft which is due this Monday!) and getting ready for our baby, not to mention feeling a bit under the weather.  I felt well enough yesterday to head out to my parent’s house for a delicious meal! We had all the traditional foods; turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, veggies, and a fabulous sweet potato casserole my sister-in-law made. Oh and pumpkin pie of course! But alas no pictures! Today we are headed over to Brian’s parent’s house for round 2!

As the holidays begin I have been thinking a lot about my previous challenge with weight loss and how, now that I am pregnant, my mind set is in a totally different place. The holidays always seemed like such a challenging time for me and I seemed to always be struggling with my weight. Last year, on this same weekend, I ran 6 miles on Thanksgiving, taught a 90 minute fitness class the day after Thanksgiving, taught two back to back classes on Saturday, AND then ran 10 (10!) miles on Sunday! What the hell was I thinking? And why was I exactly pushing my body like? I honestly  have no idea if I was doing this in attempt to lose weight or keep my weight down or if it was just a combination of teaching too much and preparing for my second half marathon. I also was suffering from several injuries and wondering why? Duh!

I wasn’t sure how I would mentally feel about gaining weight while pregnant. Part of me worried that I would adopt the mind set of, “I’m pregnant I can eat whatever I want” and end up gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. Or if I would be overly cautious and try to limit what I ate in order to not gain too much weight. I feel like I have found a nice healthy balance indulging a little more than I normally would but also watching what I eat, not for the sake of gaining weight but for the sake of providing my baby with the nutrients he needs.

I was also worried that I would struggle mentally with the fact that I was gaining weight. I have had such a disordered way of thinking about my body and weight loss in the past that I just didn’t know how I would feel. I am proud to say that I LOVE every single pound that I have gained and I LOVE my baby bump.

Even at my thinnest I would have NEVER posted a picture of my bare belly for all too see. I was a little hesitant to post pictures of my baby belly but in the spirit of this post here ya go!

Week 28 (3)

Isn’t it beautiful!

Week 28 (4)

I LOVE it!

Mainly I love it because I honestly thought I would never get to experience being pregnant. I had mentally prepared myself for never being able to experience the amazing experience of carrying a child. I am continually amazed at what my body is doing in order to grow this precious life. I have felt so blessed and thankful to have this experience even with some its minor annoyances. I am so thankful for the little life growing inside of me and every single pound I’ve gained and will gain in order to keep this little guy healthy and strong!

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One response to “Thankful for 22lbs and counting!

  1. Very sweet Kristin! :))0 Enjoy it! :))

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