Baby Sneaker Update: Week 28!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I hope that whatever you have planned for this Holiday Weekend it involves spending time with the most important people in your life!

I cannot believe that I am now in the third trimester! The first trimester seemed to go so slowly and most of the time I didn’t even feel pregnant. The second trimester went by so quickly! I loved the new energy I got and that I finally started  looking like I was actually pregnant.

Hard to believe I started the second trimester looking like this:

11 Weeks

(This is actually at 11 Weeks as I skipped 12 and 13 because my midwife told me I was 2 weeks farther along than I thought!)

To this!

Week 28 (5)

28 Weeks!

Baby is now the size of a cabbage but I DO NOT like cabbage so there was no way I was buying one! He is about 2 1/4 lbs. and over 15inches long!

Week 28 (1)

I can definitely tell that he is looking for space in there. Not only do I feel the usual kicks and jabs but sometime I feel a long stretch and can tell it’s one of limbs reaching out into his little home!

To be honest the third trimester is not off to a good start. For the past couple of days I have felt some weird cramping in my stomach. I didn’t think too much about it as I figured the little guy just shifted positions and it was affecting my digestion. But then yesterday I found myself using the bathroom more frequently than normal. I swore I wouldn’t be one of those people who rushed to the midwife with every strange twinge. I did call the nurses and they said I could come in and get tested for a urinary tract infection which is what I thought I had. Well, it came back negative and this morning I know why. It seems I’ve contracted some type of stomach bug. The worst part is I volunteered to sub a Group Strength Training class this morning. I woke up feeling kind of funky but figured I could get through the class. Well, about half way through I felt like I was either going to be sick or pass out. I stopped lifting weights and talked my class through it. I was fine, I just hope I didn’t scare the class participants. I am hoping that this is related to my illness because I still have a few classes left to teach before I take a break. It definitely made me realize that I needed to slow down. I went into work in the morning but only stayed until lunch. I’ve been laying low every since.

On a good note, I ran to one of our local grocery stores to buy some tummy friendly food and parked in their special parking space for: “Expecting or New Mothers” It was the first time I got to park there and I felt pretty special!

One thing that has been bugging me lately are my maternity jeans. One the one hand I love them because they make me feel like I am dressing semi-normally and they are relatively comfortable. But on the other hand they are not comfortable because they always slip down and I find myself constantly hitching them up! I’m not sure if they are too big or what. I bought the regular size I was wearing before I got pregnant, perhaps one size bigger. I’m not sure if they are too big or if this is just how maternity jeans are. Any other mom’s out there have any thoughts? I’m sure in 10-12 weeks when nothing fits me I’ll remember how I thought my jeans were too big!

10-12 weeks!! Ah! We are so not ready! Could you see the dresser I ordered on the floor still in its box on the floor in my pictures? I’m really not too worried and am looking forward to the third trimester, finishing my thesis, celebrating the holidays with family and friends, and my baby showers! I just take one day at a time and continue to enjoy this experience I am on!

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