Baby Sneaker Update: Week 27!

Hello there! Is the weather getting frightful where you are? So far no snow here but the temps are dropping and it sure feels like winter is on it’s way! I know I must say this every week but I just can’t believe how fast time is going. I can not believe I am in the last week of the second trimester! According to a lot of info I’ve read, should the baby be born now he would have a 95% chance of surviving. While that is a little bit comforting I hope he continues to bake for at least 10 more weeks until he is fully ready to come into this world. Plus I am not even close to being ready for him. As I type Brian is attempting to put the crib together!

This week my baby boy weighs in at almost 2lbs and is 14 1/2 inches long, about the size of a head of cauliflower but I didn’t have any so Brian found a bag of flour is about 1/3 full.


We tried taking my picture in a different location since it gets dark by the time I get home and the old spot didn’t have much light. Not sure if this spot really works!

I can definitely tell that baby is that big as I feel him moving and kicking all over all the time! He really likes to wake me up in the middle of the night for a 3am dance party! Not to mention my belly just continues to grow!


I love my big belly especially because I think it makes the rest of me look so small! Something else that has been keeping me up at night is hunger! I get up to use the bathroom and I can’t fall back asleep because my stomach is growling! I had to get up twice last week to eat a little snack. Apparently when I do sleep I snore, “like a buzz saw” according to my husband! Other than that no real crazy symptoms or problems. Even my back pain seems to have eased up. I credit yoga and swimming and I definitely don’t regret finding subs of my Zumba classes.

I had a midwife appointment earlier this week. I was a little nervous for it because I knew that I had to take my gestational diabetes test. I wasn’t really afraid for the actual test even though the last time I had blood drawn I fainted! I was actually concerned that I would fail the test. I know this might sound silly since I am a relatively healthy person but some of the ladies on blogs I read who are healthy didn’t pass the first time!  I also had my appointment in the middle of the day and wasn’t planning on fasting all day especially since my midwife said not to do anything differently. I just wasn’t sure how what I ate during the day would affect the test. The actual test wasn’t that bad, I didn’t even mind drinking the orange sugary drink everyone complains about. I had my blood drawn by Brian’s cousin (I requested her because I know she does a great job and I wouldn’t faint) and she told me if I didn’t pass the first test I would have to fast for 12 hours and then have my blood drawn 4 times over 3 hours! After I heard that I REALLY wanted to pass. Turns out I had nothing to fear! I passed with flying colors and my iron levels were good too! Another bit of good news I received at my appointment was that I hadn’t gained any weight since my last appointment which was good since I had a big gain last time. In total I’ve gained 22lbs which my midwife said was just fine. She measured my belly and it measured 28 inches which is also fine. I guess one or two inches bigger or smaller than your week is normal depending how the baby is positioned. Best of all I got to hear baby’s heart beat, nice and loud and strong! It was a great appointment!

I have a few more pictures to share with you. I wore my “Sweating for Two” shirt to the weight room at the gym. I guess I hadn’t worn it for a long time because I felt like I looked HUGE compared to the last time I wore it. I had Brian take some pictures of me in it after my workout.


Compare that to the self photo I took about 2 months ago!


I think I scared some of those big burly weightlifting guys Smile 


That’s all for this week! Hope you are well and getting ready to enjoy Thanksgiving! Baby and I will definitely be enjoying a piece of pumpkin pie or two!

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One response to “Baby Sneaker Update: Week 27!

  1. Jackie still like in (Aunt)

    You still look absolutely WONDERFUL…………..
    Here is wishing you well into the 3rd trimester.

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