Baby Sneaker Update: Week 26

Hello there! How are you this fine Tuesday? I am doing quite well, the weather seems to be turning though we have a winter storm watch out for tonight! Not quite sue if I’m ready for that! I’m also very wrapped up in my thesis work right now. Things are going well but it certainly is keeping me on my toes! Now, on to my weekly update!

Hard to believe I’m 26 weeks pregnant! During the first part of my pregnancy time seemed to move so slow. Now I can’t get it to slow down. My baby is now 1 2/3 lbs. (almost 2 lbs.!) and 14 inches long. Brian harvested a spaghetti squash he thought was about the right size if you count the stem!


I can definitely tell that our little guy is that size. Earlier this week I could feel him moving on opposite sides of my tummy! I can now feel him moving at all times of the day. My favorite time is right after I wake up in the morning and I often find myself lying in bed for a few extra minutes just paying attention to his movements and imagining what he will look like!

When I saw this next picture I was like, “WHOA! My belly is getting so big!” I mean compare that with my picture from 4 weeks ago when I thought I was really big!


From what I’ve been told I may think that now but I won’t believe how much bigger I will actually get!

I have definitely been feeling the less “fun” side effects of being pregnant this week. I find if I sit too long (i.e. working on my paper) my back gets really sore and there is not much I can do to relieve it. Also, if I stand too long my feet start to hurt. This weekend I made two types of soup and then cleaned up the kitchen a task I would haven normally done no problem but it totally wiped me out! Brian and I agreed that it is time I start slowing down. That is is why I made a very tough decision this week. I decided to stop teaching Zumba. Since I alternated with another teacher I really only had 3 classes left until the Fall schedule ended. I was going to try and make it to the end but every time I thought about dancing I cringed. Also, when I would practice just a couple of songs I would get totally wiped out. I just knew I didn’t have the energy to keep teaching and it would only get more uncomfortable as I got bigger. I will still continue to teach Group Strength classes and Cycling but I just knew Zumba had to go.  It really was a tough decision to make. I am so use to pushing my body to its limits. I mean last year at this time I was running 8 miles while training for a half marathon AND teaching a ton of classes. Mentally I just need to get over the fact that my body is doing something far more amazing than any exercise I could ever push it to do, it’s creating a human being for goodness sakes! After I wrestled with the decision for awhile I now feel much better about it. It really takes a load of my mind to see my calendar open up so I can work on my paper and focus on getting ready for this baby. I know my body will thank me too. I am still keeping up with other fitness activities and my weekly schedule looks something like this:

Monday: Group Strength Class (participant)

Tuesday: Prenatal Yoga (LOVE IT!)

Wednesday: Strength train or swimming AND regular yoga at noon

Thursday: Group Strength Class (teach) Cycling (teach) (some weeks I’ll just be teaching Cycling)

Friday: Swim

Saturday: Rest or Cycling (participant)

Sunday: Rest or whatever I want like a long walk, swimming, or yoga.

In other blogger news one of my favorite healthy living bloggers Caitlin  announced earlier this week that she has a bun in the oven! I find it kind of interesting that I started reading healthy living blogs about two years ago to take my mind of the fact that we were having trouble getting pregnant and this past year several of my favorite bloggers have gotten pregnant and shared their journey with their readers. Here are the ones I read regularly

Emily at Daily Garnish gave birth to a beautiful little boy just a few weeks ago

Gina at The Fitnessista is due in  January

And these two ladies I found after I got pregnant

Jen from The Runner’s Trials is 34 weeks and has an amazing story of pregnancy after infertility

Ashley from (Never Home) Maker is 37 weeks!

In other news my very good friends Marianne and Amy are throwing me my first shower (I’m having 3!) in December and Marianne said the invites went out this week! I am so excited!

That’s all from me for this week! Next week I have a midwife appointment and my glucose test!

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  1. Yay 🙂 Your squash is so cute!

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