German Feast!

Wow! It has been a long time since I’ve taken my camera on an eating extravaganza! I guess with the little guy coming I view every meal out as possibly one of the last in peace and quiet! Plus I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere new or exciting. Saturday night my parents invited me to a fundraiser dinner for the Place of Grace Catholic Worker House, the soup kitchen I sometimes mention I volunteer at. The theme for the evening was German and the food was AMAZING!

Let’s start with the appetizers shall we? First we had Wurst Sterne which was mini philo dough shell stuffed with spicy sausage and cheese…yum!


They also had Oliv Nuss Belag on a Bagel Chip which was some type of olive dip but since I don’t like olives I didn’t try it!

Then we had the salad course which featured Blattsalat a delicious salad of mixed greens, candied walnuts, apples, some type of cheese, I think gorgonzola, and a home made dressing and Brot which means bread!


The main course was a true German delight. We had Rouladen which was thinly pounded pork, wrapped around a pickle and slowly simmered in a sauce seasoned with bacon, Riesenkurbis which was squash, Rotkohl which was red cabbage simmered in a red wine sauce, and my absolute favorite German food Spaetzel which is some type of buttery pasta!


Throughout the evening there was also entertainment. Mary Ellen, the music director at my church and her daughter performed some songs from the Sound of Music which included or course, Edelweiss.


Isn’t she darling!

Then  Rachel, a junior vocal performance major at Viterbo University (the school I attended for undergrad and am currently attending for grad school) performed some beautiful German Arias and one Italian one in honor of her father who passed away few years ago.


I use to babysit her and I just can’t believe how grown up she is!

Of course no meal would be complete without dessert!


This was a very dense, chocolaty, flourless cake with Door County cherries and REAL whip cream! So good!

Not only was the food and entertainment good it was really fun to see a lot of old friends from my old church. Thanks mom and dad for taking me to this dinner! I’m just sorry we didn’t get a picture of three of us!


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