Baby Sneaker Update: Week 23!

Hello there! It’s the post I just know you’ve all been waiting for! It’s been a busy week over here and Brian and I were finally home at the same time and long enough for him to take my picture and for me to get a post up! So, let’s see where we are at this week!

This week my baby is the size of a papaya….BUT I couldn’t find a papaya in the store! So, we improvised and used a 16 oz. bottle of Diet Coke. It says that baby is a little over 11 inches and just over 1 pound.

Week 23 (1)

Please note that since we took this photo on Thursday, the day I teach fitness classes, I have not done my hair, put on make up and my contacts are already out. Hence the reason I don’t look as glamorous as I normally do!

Brian and I have been thinking up some great props to use in the future so stay tuned for that!

Week 23 (3)

Interestingly these are the exact same clothes I was wearing in a Week 17  photo.  Just for fun let’s do a little comparison!

Week 17 (4)     Week 23 (3) 

Week 17                    Week 23

Definitely some changes in the last 6 weeks! Probably the funniest change I’ve noticed is how my pajamas fit. Since it’s gotten a little colder over here I got out some warmer jammies. They fit alright but the shirt is WAY to short and my belly hangs out. I just had to laugh!

I had a midwife appointment on Tuesday. It was a very short check up. She asked me if I had any questions which I didn’t. I got weighed and she said I have gained a bit more than is “normal” for this stage in the game. She didn’t seem worried and said we would just monitor it for next month. I guess I’m not worried either as I am still working out 5-6 times a week for 45minutes-60 minutes (or more if I teach) and while I have indulged in a few things here and there I am still pretty much eating the same as I did before I was pregnant. She also measured my belly from top to bottom and it is suppose to be the same number of inches as weeks pregnant that you are. I measured 23 inches!Spot one!  Blood pressure was all good and I got to hear the baby’s heart beat. The Midwife said he sounded strong so all is well! Next month I have a longer appointment with lab work which includes the dreaded glucose test! Can’t say I’m looking forward to that.

I am definitely feeling some more serious kicks going on inside, much stronger than the little taps I was feeling before. I still only feel them on the right side and in the middle, never on the left side and Brian hasn’t been able to feel the kicks yet.

One of the biggest questions I get from EVERYONE is “How are you feeling?” Overall I feel really good! Sure I’ve had a few days when I feel kind of big and awkward. I’ve also had some workouts where I just feel really full and comfortable so I usually slow it down or cut it short. Some people in the Group Strength class I’ve been attending Monday mornings says they think I’m doing so great. It’s almost as if they seem surprised that I’m up and about moving around. I am hoping this feeling good lasts for awhile as I am creeping up on third trimester. I plan to teach until the end of December which would take me to 33 weeks. I really hope I can make but sometimes I get so tired from teaching I just don’t know if I will. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Last week my mother-in-law went to visit my sister-in-law in Detroit and apparently they did a little shopping for our little boy.

My sister-in-law got some ADORABLE clothes with Moose on them!


Aren’t the socks just to die for?


And my mother-law-got some cute summer clothes.


Can’t wait for the little guy to put those swim shorts on! So cute! This is going to be one well dressed kid!

Nothing else new to report here except this weekend we are going to an all day Lamaze class.Brian is REALLY excited (please note the sarcasm!) Should be interesting to say the least. I am hoping Brian and I learn a lot although I don’t think any class or book can really prepare you for all the crazy things that can happen during labor and delivery. Speaking of which, one of my favorite bloggers Emily went into labor almost two days ago and is still going strong! Lots of good thoughts and vibes to her. She’s even tweeting about her experience @DailyGarnish or check out the hashtag #babymalone.

Hope you have a great end to your week and hopefully I’ll be back this weekend with a review of our Lamaze class or maybe even a recipe or two!

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  1. I can’t wait to buy clothes for baby 🙂

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