Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! We are still having an exceptionally warm fall here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice and all, but it’s not really fall. I actually prefer the gradual cooling to winter!

I feel like I am at a good stopping point for my thesis work (I hope!). I’ve gotten a lot accomplished and need to meet with my advisors and get some help in library before I move on. I feel like I’ve been working hard and have done a lot a of work BUT there is still so much to do! And December will be here before I know it! Part of me would rather be thinking of all things baby but on the other hand I would much rather do this now so I can truly focus on the little guy once he is here!

Brian has made a TON of progress on the nursery. He got it painted right away. The floor took a little longer then expected plus he didn’t work on it for awhile because he took a break for hunting. Here are some before, during and after shots!




If you REALLY want to see some before shots with all the furniture in it check out this post I did last November when I got that closet under control. Most of the furniture (except the bed) went into my yoga room/office/ library.

Literally within a few hours of finding out that we were having a little boy we went shopping for paint and when we got home from a nice dinner out Brian start painting. The color is called “puppy paws” how cute is that?!


Under ALL the carpeting in our house is hardwood flooring. Brian knows that most of it in the living and dining room is pretty much ruined due to the previous owner’s dogs. I would love to have the whole house be hardwood but I think with a BIG active dog ourselves it just wouldn’t be a good idea. He was pretty sure the floors in the nursery would be in pretty good shape. He was right for the most part. There were a few staples that needed to be removed and some holes to be filled, sanded and stained but other than that it turned out pretty well! On Friday night we bought blinds too!





It’s kind of hard to tell the color but it’s a light brown, almost like coffee with a lot of creamer in it! I am really pleased with how the whole thing turned out. It’s so much warmer and cozier than before!

I would like to put in a new overhead light/fan with a dimmer switch and of course furniture but I think we’ll take a little break for now so I can work on my thesis and Brian can hunt. I think we got the hard stuff out of the way. I would also like to install new fire alarms in our house AND I am on the hunt for the PERFECT rug that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg so if anyone has any ideas of where I might look I would appreciate it!

Well, I have something that needs to be returned to Target, I might just have to look in to registering for a few baby items, I’ve already started a registry online but it would be nice to look at stuff in person!

Have a great rest to your weekend!


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