Study Breaks

Hello there! Happy fall Saturday to you! It was a quintessential fall day here, sunny, cool but not cold, blue skies, and beautiful fall colors! Too bad I spent most of my day inside working on my thesis paper. It wasn’t too bad. I got a good chunk of it done and took frequent study breaks so my butt didn’t get numb.

Since, I knew I wanted to work on my paper most of today which involved sitting I knew I wanted to get a good workout in. I did the Schweaty September Workout that I did the other day but this time did 3 sets of each weight exercise and mixed up my cardio between the elliptical and the treadmill. When I first found out I was pregnant someone on a message board I was reading tipped me off to some maternity workout shirts that were on sale for $3 on Since I knew I wanted to continue to workout and teach throughout my pregnancy I jumped right on that and bought some. I remember when they came in mail I tried one on and laughed because it looked so HUGE. I also seem to recall trying one on a few weeks ago and thinking I looked pretty silly. Well, not today!


(Not gonna lie, since my face was covered the camera focused on “the bump!”) The shirt was really comfortable with plenty of room to grow! Surprisingly I’m still wearing the same pants I wore before I got pregnant. I hope I’m not stretching them out to much!

Some other study break activities included; some yoga stretches, a short walk in the sunshine, a nap and some cooking!

The other day on  Jenna’s blog she a posted a recipe for Kale and White Bean Soup with Golden Beets and Spicy Sausage. I thought this sounded like a very healthy recipe and would be perfect since I got a TON of kale in our CSA box this week. I did make a  few changes though. Instead of spicy turkey sausage I used some venison Italian sausage and since I got purple beets in the CSA I used those instead of golden beets. I also was out of leeks so used a small onion I had from a previous CSA box. I was surprised that the beets were quite easy to peel. Up until now I had only boiled beets and removed the skins after. I just loved all the colorful veggies all chopped up!


And the finished product.


This was very delicious! I really liked the venison Italians, gave it a nice kick! Plus there are plenty of leftovers!

Well, that’s about all from me! I’m afraid tomorrow it will me more of the same only my study breaks will probably be folding laundry!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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