September Soup and Schweaty Workout!

Hi there! So, glad I  got a chance to post tonight and can you believe tonight’s post won’t feature a picture of my every expanding belly? I just had to share a  great recipe I tried as well as an AWESOME workout!

Gina at The Fitnessita posts monthly workouts  and I FINALLY got around to trying her September Schweaty Workout. And boy was I Schweaty! I didn’t feel like I was working that hard but I was definitely sweating and the next day felt a little sore from the weight portion of the workout. Plus all the exercises were safe and effective for this pregnant lady! I did two sets of each weight exercise and it took me a little over an hour with stretching. This is probably because every time you use a cardio machine at the Y you have to wipe it down. I really liked this workout and the hour just flew by! I think I’ll do it again on Saturday!

Tonight I tried a delicious fall recipe. I’ll admit, my eating hasn’t been the best since finding out I was pregnant. I was definitely feeding the cravings and not the baby (mac and cheese…. need I say more). But I’m proud to say that I’ve cleaned up my eats over the past couple of weeks. I bought 3 boxes of mac and cheese two weeks ago and haven’t eaten a single one! This recipe came from our CSA newsletter and used several of the veggies we got in our box this week.

Sweet Red Pepper and Lentil Soup


This was SO good! I think the key ingredient was this


Smoked Paprika! I looked for this a few months ago when I made Smoked Paprika Almond Butter but couldn’t find it. I made the almond butter with regular paprika and it just didn’t have the zing I expected. While perusing the bulk spice aisle at the Co-Op I was excited to see that they had this. I new immediately when I sautéed the peppers and leaks in this that it was going to be good. It smelled AMAZING! The soup had a great flavor and was very hearty! Plus it simmered away in the crockpot today while I was busy working on my thesis paper, teaching fitness classes, and heading over to campus to meet with my advisor and pick up some items from the library! Also simmering away were some navy beans which I plan on using in another recipe utilizing my CSA vegetables which I hope to make this weekend! Also in our CSA box was a TON (I mean A TON!) of spinach. I’ve been drinking green smoothies like CRAZY! Baby should be getting lots of  nutrients and vitamins!

Hope you are enjoying some fall recipes and some great workouts!

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