Baby Sneaker:Week 19 Update

Well hello there! So sorry to be so absent from the blog lately. Things at work have been CAH-RAYZ!! I spent all last weekend on a retreat with my college students and the past couple of days I’ve had to catch up on other things. To be honest I am afraid I might not be as active on this blog in the upcoming months. My master’s thesis is due in December and I feel like any spare time I have in front of the computer should be spent working on that! Don’t worry I’ll still be providing you with Baby Sneaker updates but some of the other stuff might be a little lacking!

Okay, with that out of the way, this week Baby Sneaker is the size of a mango!


I’m standing in a different location because all the stuff from the nursery is up against my usual photo wall. Brian is painting the nursery as I type! More on that in another post.

Izzy still isn’t sure about this whole baby thing!


I am definitely noticing “the bump” more.


Part of my role on the retreat this weekend was to prepare/cook the meals so I was standing in a kitchen most of the time. I kept being surprised every time my belly would bump up against the counter. I am loving the bump! I wore my “Sweating for Two” tank top at a Group Strength Class I took on Monday and kept seeing the bump in the mirror and just loving my pregnant body!

I also “think” I might have felt the baby move a couple of times. A few times when I’ve been relaxing at night I’ve felt little ripples in my belly that don’t feel like anything I’ve ever felt before. I met with my midwife today and she said that my placenta was in the front which means I might not feel too much for awhile because the placenta will block the baby from kicking my stomach until he gets a little stronger.

Yes that’s right! I said HE! We had an ultrasound today and plain as day (ok not really, the technician had to point it out) we are having a boy! Here’s one of the the latest images of our little boy!


He’s so beautiful! To be honest I had a feeling it was a boy! I’ve had several dreams where I found it it was a boy and sure enough! Brian said he didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl just as long as it was healthy.  Secretly, even though I would love a little girl to dress up, I was hoping for a little hunting buddy for Brian.

Everything looked good on the ultrasound and I really didn’t have much to talk to the midwife about just a few minor questions to ask.

As far as symptoms go I’ve been feeling pretty good. I am not as exhausted as I was in the first trimester but I do notice that I get tired more easily. My acne has pretty much cleared up which makes me  happy. I still seem to have quite a bit of congestion but other than that I actually feel pretty normal! I sometimes even forget I’m pregnant! (Okay, not really!).

That’s all for this week’s update! Stay tuned for some nursery updates!


3 responses to “Baby Sneaker:Week 19 Update

  1. THANKS for the call Kristin!. Excited to hear that it’s a healthy baby boy. We are sooooooo happy for you and Brian. Dad’s even getting over the “no Brewer’s” things. Cubs will work for me. Just stay healthy and happy. Love you forever MOM

  2. My placenta was also on the front for one of my boys and I never felt the kicks as strong as my other 2 babies…so don’t freak about when that happens. It was WAY different feeling than my other 2 boys…… Even at 9 mos, and trust me, you will feel them, but it’s different. If the Lord ever blesses you again with another baby, and the placenta is not on the front you will notice a big difference!! So happy all is well and baby looks healthy!!!! :))) Praying for another great 5 mos! :))) Sara

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