Baby Sneaker: Week 18 Update

Hi! Hope you are having a lovely day! The weather today was gorgeous! Sunny with a high of 70* easing it’s way into fall! Love it!

This week Baby Sneaker is the size of a sweet potato!


I don’t think that the bump has grown that much. What do you think?


I’m glad the weather has cooled off so I can wear more of my maternity clothes. I didn’t think that the bump had grown that much but yesterday I wore non maternity clothes and felt VERY uncomfortable all day!

My view of “the bump”


In other news I finished knitting my first baby item. A cute little sweater that will hopefully work for either a boy or a girl!


Other than that, not much new. No new weird cravings or symptoms. I had my second “yoga for moms” class this morning and found out there are two other women who are pregnant. One with her 3rd due in January and another with her first due in November. I am still really enjoying it, I just love the instructor! I think I’ve decided on a nursery “theme” and some bedding. But you’ll just have to wait to see those! I still don’t think I have felt the baby move which kind of worries me but knowing that I’ll get to see him/her next week keeps my worrying at bay.

Brian would like you all to know about something “new.”


Alaskan Amber has finally made it’s way south to the lower 48 and is now being sold in our town! It’s his favorite beer, can you tell?

That’s it for this weeks update! Next week we have another ultrasound, get to find out the sex of our baby and meet with the midwife! Can’t waits

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One response to “Baby Sneaker: Week 18 Update

  1. Cutest little sweater ever, I love it!

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