A different type of training

Hey friends! How’s your Monday going? Mine has been VERY productive! I’m glad I got so much accomplished but now I’m pretty worn out! Good thing there is not much on the agenda for tonight!

A year ago today I did my final long training run for the Maple Leaf Half Marathon. I can remember all the details pretty clearly especially how hard it was and how awesome it felt to finish! Even though I haven’t been running during my pregnancy I have been doing a lot of other things to stay fit. This morning I subbed a Group Strength Class. A few weeks ago I attended this class to get in a good strength workout. The instructor knew I was pregnant and made some cute comment about how we should all feel comfortable to make modifications if we were injured or in the family way. So, most of the people who regularly attend that class knew I was pregnant. One woman who I know pretty well from the Y and Church said she was so impressed had how fit I was staying! I thought that I would really miss running but so far I am enjoying my pregnancy workout plan. I feel fit and healthy and hopefully am preparing myself well for labor and delivery.

Since the class I taught was at 6am  I had most of the day to get stuff done. I did my regular cleaning but also tackled a dreaded job I’ve been avoiding. This spring I cleaned most of the windows in our house (we have 18) but stopped when I got burned out. While doing some nursery preparations I noticed how dirty the windows were in there. Call it nesting if you will but I wiped out the window wells and washed the windows in there plus all the other windows I missed. I did some laundry, practiced some Zumba moves, AND did our weekly produce run to the Co-Op! Whew! Glad to have some of that 2nd trimester energy back!

I also whipped up one of my favorite fall recipes, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili. Awhile back I decided canned beans were a waste of money and bought a ton of dried beans in bulk from the Co-Op but I found it kind of time consuming to cook them. That is until I read Ashley’s method for cooking beans using the crock pot! This was so easy! I let the beans soak overnight in the crock pot. Drained and rinsed them this morning, threw them back in the crockpot, added water and let them simmer all day! So easy! There will be no going back to canned beans! The temperature is suppose to drop this week so I knew I had to make a fall recipe. Doesn’t this just look like fall!


I can’t wait to come home from work at lunch tomorrow to this! I’m sure it’s a lot more healthy than the macaroni and cheese I have been eating Smile!

Well, the only thing on tap for this evening is a hair cut which should be pretty relaxing! See you tomorrow for a weekly Baby Sneaker update!


One response to “A different type of training

  1. YAY beans!! 🙂 That’s great that you’re enjoying your new workout plan!

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