Workout Wear

Hey friends! See I told you yesterday would be busy! So busy I didn’t have time to post. But I’m back now!

Today was my day to work at the YMCA and I taught two classes. I decided to wear one of my maternity splurges!


Sorry for the self, mirror photograph but I didn’t want to have to wait until Brian got home to change and shower to get my picture taken! The shirt says, “Sweating for Two.” I got it online at For Two Fitness. Now, most of the maternity workout clothes on clearance at Wal-Mart but when I saw these online I just had to splurge and get one! Not only do they have cute sayings and cute baby feet on them they are SUPER comfortable and the ruching on the side helps to show off “the bump.”


I’m still able to wear most of my regular workout clothes but I am noticing that the shirts are starting to creep up on the back since the front have more area to cover! This tank is nice and long and stays in place.  The clothes I bought from Wal-Mart are REALLY generous and I think they would look silly on my right now.

As you can tell, Izzy is just enthralled with my fashion show!


I got some nice compliments on my tank top too. Too bad these shirts are a little expensive, I definitely would buy more. If any one wants to get me a gift I’ll take a large……just kidding….sort of!

Other than teaching classes my day has been pretty chill. I practiced some Zumba moves and paid the bills. We have plans to go watch the Packer game later tonight!

Hope you’re having a great day and are looking forward to the weekend!

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One response to “Workout Wear

  1. You are adorable Kristin!!!!! : I smile every time I see your posts. So happy for you! 🙂

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