Baby Sneaker: 17 Week Update

Hi there! Happy Tuesday to you! After a crazy busy weekend It felt good  to simply go to my office to work and then come home and relax. Tomorrow is another busy day but I think today’s “easy” day will help give me the energy to make it through! It helps that the weather has turned more fall like. Today was BEAUTIFUL! Sunny and about 70* perfect! Okay on to the good stuff I just know you’re waiting for!

This week Baby Sneaker is the size of an onion!


Izzy was wondering what the heck we were up to!

102_1164    102_1166

Today I am wearing ALL maternity clothes! Now that the weather has cooled off I can try out some of my maternity purchases. I love these pants, they have a drawstring waist with plenty of room to grow! The shirt is a little big but I love the color and the gathered sides, also lots of room to grow!


Brian didn’t think you could to see “the bump” in this outfit so I changed into “regular” yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt.


He still thought the shirt was too baggy! I think he likes “the bump.”

I had two first this week, TODAY in fact. This morning I went to my first “prenatal” yoga class. Well, I guess it’s not really a “prenatal” class it is called “Yoga for moms.”  One of my favorite yoga instructors, Amber, was teaching yoga on Friday mornings which I was a faithful attendee of. I really like how she cued and showed modifications for the poses. She also really got us thinking about our bodies and our core. She told us that once school started she wouldn’t be teaching Friday’s because she needed to get her kids off to school. Once I told her I was pregnant she suggested this special class starting in the fall. I had to pay for it but it was less expensive then other prenatal classes in our area. I’m pretty sure I’m the only pregnant one in the class but that is cool. It will be nice to meet other moms at the Y and learn from them. Plus Amber gives good modifications for me which I can us in the other Yoga classes I take. I just know Yoga will help me feel my best while pregnant and help with labor and delivery.

My other first was my first pregnant lady melt down, caused by hormones I’m sure. Brian and I had a tiny disagreement over something to do with the baby. The next thing you know I burst into tears. He gave me a hug and we talked it out. I felt so silly afterwards. I’m usually such an even keeled person!

How am I feeling? Still pretty good! Loving the second trimester! As far as symptoms go I’m still experiencing the same ones from last week. I also forgot to mention that I have had a few moments of light headedness when I get up too fast. I also have experienced some round ligament pain which is completely normal.

Things I’m craving: besides the creamsicle from yesterday I also had a weird craving for an egg salad sandwich. Fortunately my mom and dad went out of town and told us to take some of their perishable food off their hands which included some hardboiled eggs. I chopped one up, added some mayo and spices and put it on some bread. Yum! What surprises me about these cravings is that these are foods I NEVER really ate before. I wouldn’t say I hated these foods but I just never thought to eat them. So weird!

Things I’m looking forward to:

1.  Having a more pronounced “bump.” I definitely feel like I am looking more pregnant and less like I’ve been eating one too many cookies.

2. My next midwife visit and our ultrasound where we’ll get to find out the sex of the baby! (Two weeks from today).

3. Feeling the baby move. Everything I’ve read says you should be able to start to feel the baby move between 16-22 weeks. So far I think I’ve felt something but nothing that made me think, “Oh yes! That’s the baby!” I just keep thinking it’s just indigestion or something!

4. Getting more done on the nursery. We got rid of the bed today and I am thinking of ordering bedding since it is on sale. Brian thinks the hardwood under the carpet will be in good shape.

More on all that later! Hope you are enjoying these updates as much as I enjoy writing them. I think it will be a could way to capture all the joys and trials of my pregnancy!

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