Hi there! How was your Thursday? It’s almost Friday before Labor Day weekend AND the first day of September! It sure doesn’t feel like September where I am it’s 93* with a heat index of 99*! It’s suppose to cool of this weekend though!

Some people (like my husband) would call my behavior today “nesting.” I would call it, I’ve got time, I’ve got energy, I should get something done! There are only two items left in our nursery  that need to find a home. One really big thing,


and one little thing.


For some reason, ever since I moved into our little house 5 years ago our vacuum cleaner has lived in our guest bedroom. Not really sure why. I thought that I found the perfect place to store it. There was just one problem, it looked like this.


That is our lovely linen closest. All it took was a change in shelf height, some creative folding, and some purging and it turned out like this!


There still isn’t any room for the baby’s bedding but that is a project for a different day!

Of course Izzy was big help with this project.


It sure felt good to get something done!

Hope you are accomplishing all your goals and projects today, even if it means you just relaxed like Izzy!


One response to “Nesting?

  1. Girl, you are so great at getting stuff done! This will make your transition to mamaland so great!
    I wish I could take that bed off your hands! We are in need of one but we live to far away. Everytime you talk about it I just die 🙂

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