Going Greek!

Hi friends! Thanks so much for all your kind words and comments on yesterday’s post! The baby and I feel so loved!

So, tonight we had a mini celebration of sorts. Tonight is last Wednesday night before Youth Ministry starts which means I’m busy pretty much every Wednesday night until I go on maternity leave. We decided it would nice to go out to eat. We took short stroll down the street to the only Greek restaurant in town, Gracie’s. Whenever I eat at an ethnic place I LOVE I am always amazed that our small town has such a diverse offerings of restaurants. Gracie’s has AMAZING Gyros and that’s just what we were craving!


They are so big that you actually have to take some of the filling out in order to pick it up and eat it! I think Brian does a pretty good job!


The Gyro meat is so delicious and the pita bread so soft and chewy! Yum! Sandwiches also come with soup which I forgot to photograph plus on Wednesday night you get a FREE piece of Baklava with your meal!


I can’t even begin to tell you how flakey and perfectly sweet this was. It melted in your mouth!


Baby Sneaker likes Greek food! We got all that plus beverages for $20! Brian and I both agreed we need to eat here more often, especially considering it’s just down the street from our house!

It was the perfect ending to the final day of August and really the final day of summer!

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