Baby Sneaker:Week 16 Update

Hi there! How are you this fine day? I am doing pretty well. The weather is cool and rainy and for some reason I am loving it! I guess later this week it is suppose to get into the 90’s again! Crazy!

So, today I am 16 weeks pregnant. Baby Sneaker is now the size of an avocado!


Some how I think an avocado is smaller than an orange but all my pregnancy sources compared the baby to an avocado saying it is 4.6 inches long and weighs 3.5 oz.


My daily dilemma is to show “the bump” or not. As you can tell from the following pictures depending on what I’m wearing I look more or less pregnant (or fat).


These are maternity capris I bought at Once Upon A Child (a consignment shop) for $6.50. I saw the EXACT same capris at JC Penny on sale for $15 originally $36! DO NOT buy new maternity clothes ladies if you can help it! I guess I thought this loose top made me look less pregnant but now that I see the picture maybe not!

In the next picture I am wearing a top that is NOT a maternity top. I bought this and a few other similar tops a couple of years ago. I hardly ever wore them because every time I did I kept thinking, “I wonder if this makes me look pregnant?”


Well, now I’m pretty sure I do look pregnant and since I am  I’m okay with wearing them. I think they will come in handy during these warm early days of fall.

And of course a picture in my Zumba clothes.


I feel like I look HUGE when I  wear exercise clothes!  And I know this is just the beginning. I really want to embrace “the bump”  but I’m just not sure how obvious it is yet. I’m also having a hard time figuring out what to wear. Most of the clothes I bought are for fall and winter and it just isn’t getting cool enough yet. I tried to find some inexpensive short sleeved clothes last week but no luck!

As someone who as gained and lost weight several times in my life I find the physical changes I’m going through to be very interesting. It’s a lot different then gaining weight that is for sure! So far I have gained about 10lbs which is right on track. I actually weight less than I did last summer at this time after too many summer parties and enjoying one to many ice cold beers! I am actually happy to be gaining weight for a GOOD reason!

How am I feeling? Pretty darn good! I am loving the 2nd trimester. I feel more like my old self and the tiniest activity doesn’t seem to knock me out any more! As far as symptoms go I still have the  acne, I have to use the bathroom AT LEAST once a night, and I’m not sure if this is a symptom or allergies but I seem to have an excess of phlegm and congestion (sorry if that is TMI). I’m taking some allergy meds with the approval of my midwife and it helps a little but it still bothers me, especially at night.

So, that’s all for this week’s update. To keep up on all things related to my pregnancy be sure to check out my Baby Sneaker Page!

Have a good Tuesday night!

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4 responses to “Baby Sneaker:Week 16 Update

  1. That’s funny… wonder if I’ll get any sleep I already have to pee 1-2 times per night the past 10 years or so, yes I’ve seen the specialists about it many times & they never could find anything wrong.
    Don’t feel bad all of the workout clothes make everyone feel fat even if they aren’t. (You look great BTW so don’t let it get to you). I also can relate to the maternity style tops for regular normal people. No matter what they try to push off as fashion they make everyone look preggers (if they are or not). What are you taking for your allergies if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Becky, I am taking Claritan. I guess it’s a “B” drug which means it’s not 100% safe for pregnancy but the only drug that is is Benadryl and that makes me sleepy. A friend of ours who is and OBGYN said it’s okay to take Claritan as long as I’m not having any other problems.

  2. Hmmm wonder if that includes Claritan D or just the basic. The regular stuff doesn’t work for me but the “D” is ok. I have a feeling when the time comes I’ll have to go with bottles to the pharmacist asking what’s ok & what isn’t since so many herbal stuff is not recommended… not saying it’s bad but just isn’t recommended… neither is eating a ton O’ ice cream which I know is going to be far harder than ever dealing with allergies. LOL I don’t know what’s going on with me yet so I foresee a MD visit in my near future as well.

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