It’s in the air!

Hey! How’s the end of your weekend going? Good I hope. My day has been the perfect mix of fun and work.

This morning when I woke up it was about 52 degrees. It ALMOST felt like Fall! I got up and walked Izzy right away. While I was walking her I contemplated what I would have for breakfast. I decided there was only one thing that would do on this cool morning.


Yes, I did it! I cracked opened the first can of pumpkin of the year and added some to my oatmeal. It was delightful!

I then headed to church and after then back home to start some laundry and work on a new cycling workout.

Then I headed over to campus where they were holding the annual Folk Festaval. Our church had a booth that sold ice cream sundaes. I volunteered for a few hours and then walked around the festival. I was going to bring my camera but I totally forgot!

Now I’m back home finishing up the laundry, putting together a playlist for my cycling class, and relaxing!

See? The perfect mix for a Sunday!

Last year at this time Brian and I were having one last summer adventure in Door County. It’s kind of been our tradition to do this the last weekend in August because after this weekend, the University students move back in and my weekends get pretty busy. Also hunting season starts up for Brian so he gets busy on the weekends and after work too!

Not gonna lie, kind of bummed that we didn’t get up to Door County this year. But, one of our main activities is going to wineries. With me being pregnant that would have been pretty boring for me. I also wasn’t sure how I would feel sleeping in a tent considering I have to get up to use the restroom at least once (if not twice) a night. Oh well, maybe next year we’ll take our little one up there!

Fall is certainly in the air! I LOVE fall even though it means I’m busier. I love the weather, the colors, the food! I hope you’re looking forward to fall too!

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