My Yoga Room/Office/Library

Hey there! Hope your Saturday was a everything you wanted it to be! Mine was pretty great! Still feeling the energy of the second trimester and got a lot done! I taught a cycling class at the Y and then hit up the Food Co-Op for our weekly fruit and veggies. When I got home I had a little project that I needed to complete. I present to you, “My Room”


About three years ago when Brian and I decided we wanted to start a family we realized that in our two bedroom house the room that we were currently using as our guest room/office would one day be a nursery. We had a large storage room in our basement that I decided we should convert into “My Room”.” Brian already had a room downstairs, his den, where he has all of his animal mounts and a bunch of other hunting related items, plus a futon, beer fridge and a TV. A true “man cave.”

My room looked pretty rough before Brian and his dad put a lot of hard work into to it (please excuse the quality of these photos as they are from Facebook).

n690438117_670989_7911   n690438117_670988_7623

n690438117_670987_7330   n690438117_670983_6204

Over the past few years we gradually moved some book cases and books down there. I would occasionally do yoga and practice Zumba in “My Room” but we never fully committed to using it as an office. I mean why would we? We didn’t need to room upstairs for anything else so we figured we might as well keep the computer and bed upstairs.

Now that we know we will actually be using our second bedroom as a nursery it was time to move more stuff out. When my brother-in-laws were in town last weekend they did some of the heavy lifting and helped Brian haul the computer desk, file cabinet, and computer down to my room. We did everything in such a rush that there was stuff EVERYWHERE. That combined with the fact that the room had become a dumping place for stuff I didn’t know what to do with made it a very messy and unpleasant room. I decided to get to work and clean it up! I should have taken a before picture. I am really pleased with how it all turned out!


The screen is masking our giant air conditioning unit. But you can see my crate which is full of exercise equipment, my yoga mat, and a exercise ball. Plus some of my Barbie collection.102_1124

My a book case with photos, another bookcase with board games, more photos, and office supplies and my desk top.


File cabinet and Brian’s bookcase.

I still have room to do yoga if I like!


I even swept and scrubbed the floor and got rid of all the cobwebs!

Sometimes I use to feel sad when I was in “my room” I thought about how foolish it was to prepare for baby we didn’t even have and wondered why we bothered to create “my room.” But now I am I so glad we did! One last thing to think about. The bed in the guest room is going away and guests will have to sleep on the futon in Brian’s room or on a air bed in my room.

Now, lets just hope I can keep it as a used space rather than a glorified storage area! Stayed tuned to see how I change the former guest room into a nursery.

Besides that we went to a 50th Wedding Anniversary party for Brian’s Aunt and Uncle. It was pretty fun to catch up with some family that we don’t always see. Other than that we are just hanging out waiting for Gardner to arrive, he’s make a brief visit to return Brian’s backpack and get some trout fishing in.

More fun planned for tomorrow! Hope you have some fun planned too!

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One response to “My Yoga Room/Office/Library

  1. Planning ahead for something that might be is always a good idea & in your case has now saved you a great deal of time, stress & turned out to be a great idea. 🙂

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