My Pregnancy Diet and Exercise

Hey there! Happy Wednesday to you! Half way through the week whoo hoo!

I think there is a reason that nature gives you 9 months to prepare you to have a child as well as giving you so many physical changes! Pretty much from the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew life as I knew it was never going to be the same. I was ready, and embraced the change which included making some changes to my diet and exercise.

If you recall, before I found out I was pregnant I was committed to healthy eating and specifically was following the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan and doing pretty well finding balance between eating healthy and allowing myself indulgences. Of course I stopped counting “points” once I found out I was pregnant. The suggestions they give as far as eating goes for pregnant women is pretty similar to how I was eating with addition of a few more calories. They also suggest 3 servings of dairy a day and I was only getting two so I have definitely upped that. I’ll admit I have let the reigns a little lose knowing I was pregnant. I pretty much give in to my cravings, eat when I’m hungry (I’m definitely more hungry than usual), and not worry too much about what I’m eating. I’ve had some really healthy meals,

vegetables for breakfast? I think so!


That’s a green smoothie with a piece of whole wheat toast, an egg puff (egg made in the microwave) topped with a fresh tomato.

And, some not so healthy meals. Like the afternoon I ate an ENTIRE box of this,



Um, yeah.

I know that it is important to eat well so that I stay healthy and that my baby grows and develops properly. I of course have stopped drinking alcohol and coffee. I’ve had a little caffeine here and there but have really tried to stay away from it.

I was pretty lucky that I didn’t suffer  from morning sickness. I did have a few food aversions, one mainly being chocolate, which I still haven’t gotten over. Sadly I also had a hard time eating some of the vegetables from our CSA box especially the cooking greens. Usually I would love some sautéed kale but the thought of putting something green, chewy, and a little slimy in my mouth kind of grossed me out! I also cooked up some beets and then just couldn’t eat them! Luckily I froze some of them. All I really wanted to eat was carbs like cereal and bagels and fruit. Oh and ice cream…always ice cream! I tried to keep it balanced but you can only do what you can do. Hopefully now that I’m in the 2nd trimester I can do a little better with the veggies.

As far as exercise goes, they tell you that you can continue to do what you did before you were pregnant. There is one thing I haven’t continued doing and that’s running. You may recall that a few months back I was running with Brian and had a really hard time breathing. This was my first clue that something was up! After that the few times I did run I still had trouble breathing and just felt uncomfortable. That combined with the heat and my over all exhaustion really turned me off to running. So, I took a break, and at this point don’t really feel like starting up again. It is really strange to not miss running. Perhaps once the weather cools off I might miss it but right now I’m content with my current exercise plan.

I was lucky to be able to continue to teach Group Strength, Zumba, and Cycling during the 1st trimester. I plan on continuing to teach these classes up until December when I’ll be 81/2 months!  In addition to teaching classes I’ve rediscovered my love of swimming. I hear this is the perfect exercise for pregnancy. I also have committed myself to at least one yoga class a week (if not two) and if I’m not teaching group strength I will lift weights on my own. Of course I still have the doggie to walk and sometimes a long walk was all I had energy for and that’s ok!

Here’s my exercise plan for this week:

M:Teach Group Strength

T: Teach Zumba

W: Swim Laps, Yoga

Tr: Teach Group Strength and Cycling


Sat:Teach Cycling

Sun: Rest

I want to continue to stay active to help with labor and delivery and hopefully to help me get back in shape after baby comes!

So that’s what I’m doing! It will be interesting to see how my “plan” changes as my pregnancy progresses!

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2 responses to “My Pregnancy Diet and Exercise

  1. Way to go girl! 🙂 You are right, you will find you will need to accomodate and that is OK! But you may be surprised at what you CAN keep doing! every pregnancy is different! Praying for healthy pregnancy AND BABY! 🙂

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