Baby Sneaker: 15 Week Update

Hello there!  I am now 15 weeks pregnant! It seems kind of crazy to me since last week I thought I was 12 weeks but after visiting the doctor found out I was 14 weeks!

I consult several different internet sources to learn about my baby’s development. They usually give you some type of food to compare your baby’s size to. This week they disagree. One says a pear, one an orange, and another apple.


Hmmmm.. seems like a bit of a discrepancy to me!


I decided to go with the orange since it was in the middle!


Baby is all ready for Zumba! I am definitely noticing some bumpage! Especially when I’m wearing my workout clothes since they are so fitted.

Check out the difference from week 7 (which I thought was week 5!) to today

Week 7 (this was a self timer photo)

7 Weeks

Week 15


I’m dying to wear some of my maternity clothes but I don’t think I’m really there yet. Several weeks ago I went with Marianne’s mom Carolyn to a secondhand children’s store that had maternity clothes. She gave me some suggestions on what I might need and helped me try stuff on since they really didn’t have a proper fitting room with a mirror. I found a TON of really cute stuff and nothing was more than $10! Most of the clothes are more fall and winter type clothes and it’s still pretty warm here. I have a few pairs of shorts and one pair of capris that have and elastic waist band and several loose fitting dresses that I’ve been wearing but I’m kind of running out of creative ways to wear them! If it doesn’t cool down soon I might have to buy some short sleeved shirts too.

How am I feeling? Pretty darn good! I seem to be over the first trimester exhaustion. I had a pretty full day yesterday then a late meeting at the church, came home and even prepped dinner in the crop pot for today without feeling like I was going to die! I even stayed up until 10pm reading. My love for veggies has returned as well. Sure I’d love to just eat carbs but now that the thought of veggies doesn’t make me squeamish I am enjoying them more. Still haven’t found my love for chocolate again!

The only symptoms I’m experiencing right now is some annoying acne! I was always prone to acne as a teen and even in college but right before I got pregnant I was feeling pretty good about how my skin looked. Now, not so much!

No real cravings except we were just watching Man vs. Food Nations and the challenge was some type of Vietnamese soup which made me want Wanton Soup. I’ll have to work on that! I plan on doing a full post on what I’m eating soon!

So that’s what’s new with baby sneaker! can’t believe I’m this far along already! The first trimester seemed to go so slow! I’m thinking the second trimester is going to fly!

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3 responses to “Baby Sneaker: 15 Week Update

  1. Wow!!!! Just got caught up with blog reading and OMG!, so excited for you guys. Congratulations! You and your little bump are lookin’ fabulous in your Zumba gear, looking forward to following your pregnancy here on your blog.

  2. What was the name of the maternity clothes store? Glad your having a good time planning. I think that maternity clothes are great to wear early if you really like them. 🙂

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