5 Years!

Hey friends! Wow! Thanks for all the love on my blog yesterday. I feel so lucky that you all want to share in our exciting news!

Today, besides working, I’ve been hanging out with this guy!


In addition to celebrating the fact that we will soon be parents today we are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary! We went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in Coon Valley, DiSciasscio’s. I didn’t bring the camera tonight because I just wanted some “us” time, ya know? You can read all about our dining experience there last fall for Brian’s birthday.

Not going to lie, we both picked out our own anniversary gifts but I think I got something truly special. I wanted to get a piece of jewelry to commemorate 5 years together and the start of our family.


I know it doesn’t look like much but this is a really cool ring. It comes with 10 interchangeable stones so you can match your outfit or your mood!


But that’s not even the best part! This jewelry is part of the Sarah’s Hope collection. Sarah’s Hope takes a portion of each sale and donates it to organizations that support micro loans given to women in this country and around the world so that they start businesses and help improve their lives. I did a book study about micro loans for grad school and one of my classmates shared with us that she was influential in starting Sarah’s Hope. I knew that some day I would want to purchase a special piece of jewelry from this collection, our anniversary seemed like the perfect reason! Check out their web-site to see all the beautiful pieces you can buy!


Of course Brian surprised me with these beautiful flowers.


I think we are just going chill for the rest of the night!

Just in case you missed it, I created a separate Baby Sneaker Page and posted some entries I had written while newly pregnant. I’ll also be sure to post all my pregnancy related news there as well.

Have a good night!

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One response to “5 Years!

  1. What a beautiful & meaningful ring. I think it’s a good thing to pick out gifts that you want rather than something that you don’t like as much & pretend to. If it has meaning & you associate it with the occasion it will mean much more to you.

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