The Hardest Secret To Keep

Wow! It’s only been three days since I found out I was expecting and the secret is driving me CRAZY! My only comfort is it is driving Brian crazy too. I didn’t think he would care that much about telling people but I think he is just as excited as I am.

Brian and I are pretty much homebodies and don’t got out much during the week but it seems that in the last three days we have either seen people or talked to people on the phone that we would just love to tell about our good news. Brian said there is a guy at work who occasionally says to him, “You got that girl knocked up yet?” (real classy I know!). Well he just happened to ask him the exact same day I found out I was pregnant. I think Brian hesitated a moment and then said “no.” Also on that same day my sister-in-law sent me a message on Facebook suggesting that my trouble with breathing might be because I was pregnant! I told her it was possible but I guess we’d have to wait and see. Actually that was one of my first clues that something was up. I didn’t even know that was a symptom until I looked it up.

I know most people and books recommend waiting the standard 3 months, until you are out of the danger zone for miscarrying before telling people but I just don’t think we can wait that long. We plan on telling our parents this weekend and since my Aunt and cousin will be in town for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower I will tell them too. Next weekend, over the 4th, a TON of our really close friends are going to be in town and we are invited to several parties. Brian says there is no way that people won’t notice that I am not drinking so we decided we might as well tell them as well as our brothers and sisters. I’m not sure when I’ll tell people at work, I’m sure once the secret is out it will be hard to stop telling people! I do feel I need to tell the two adult chaperones who are going on our church mission trip with me, just in case something should happen to me, I am not feeling well, or I can’t do some of the work we are assigned. There are just a few more girl friends that I would like to tell but I’m not sure if I’ll see then, I’ll have to figure that out.

I guess if (God forbid) I should miscarry we would tell these same people and I know that they would help and support us through it. I won’t go public on this blog or Facebook until after our 3 month appointment.

I just never thought it would be such a hard secret to keep!

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