Telling the Grandparents to Be!

(Originally written June 26th)

This weekend was SUPER exciting. We just couldn’t hold the news in any longer, we just had to tell our parents!

Friday was my mother-in-law’s birthday. We had gone out to dinner with my in-law’s earlier in the week to celebrate their birthdays but we called and told them we had a gift to give my mother-in-law and wanted to bring it over. Here she is opening up her gift!



They were so happy! My father-in-law said we couldn’t have brought them better news and that lots of people were praying for us! So sweet! They are excited to have a grandchild that lives just down the street!

On Saturday before my sister-in-law’s bridal shower Brian and I headed over to my parents house early telling them that we had a Father’s Day present that we had forgotten to give my dad.



They were so excited! My mom cried! This will be their first grandchild! It was so much fun telling people! My dad said he’s taking all of us to Disney World the summer of 2015 and that the baby would be the perfect age then! I know that it is REALLY early but there is just no way we could keep this a secret! I also told my aunt and cousin who were in town this weekend.

I also had a meeting with the two male chaperones that will be going on the mission trip with me and I felt I needed to tell them, just in case something happened to me. Even they were excited for us! I am pretty close to one of the chaperone’s wives and he asked if he could tell her. Then he told me I should tell her because it would make her day so I did. She was so happy! I guess babies just make people happy! So much fun! Can’t wait to tell some of our close friends next weekend.

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2 responses to “Telling the Grandparents to Be!

  1. Totally hear you about the waiting thing. I’m comforted by your posts about the worries & concerns as they are very similar to my own that we’ve had over the past few months. I keep hearing everything works itself out & I can’t keep secrets either. Hubby is just holding me back like a kid at xmas. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to pee on a stick or anything for that matter tomorrow morning! LOL I didn’t think about waiting until 3 months in to not tell anyone… I just don’t know. I assume that it will be ok & if not that it wasn’t in the plans for right now. So far so good so we’ll find out tomorrow. That & if I am, my friend Jill is going to start calling me fertile mertlye.. not sure how I feel about that yet.

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