It’s been a long time

Oh! Hello there! Yes, it really is me! I kind of neglected my little corner of the blog world for awhile. It was all for a good reason. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law were in town for a few days and I spent all my free time hanging out with my cute nieces and nephews, like this guy!


That’s my youngest nephew Zach!

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately but things on this blog have been a little quiet lately. I don’t just mean that I haven’t been blogging much but my posts seem to lack some of the excitement they once had. I mean last year at this time I was writing about epic 9 mile runs in the summer heat as I was training for my first half marathon. I keep writing that nothing much is going on or that I am not doing anything important when in fact I’ve been doing something VERY VERY IMPORTANT AND EXCITING!

Baby Johnson 14 Weeks

I’ve been growing a little life inside of me! Up until today I thought I was 12 weeks pregnant but we just got back from having an ultra sound and they told me I was 14 weeks! Trust me this has been the hardest thing not to talk about on this blog! We wanted to wait until we told most people in person before going public on the internet with our news (even though I’m sure most people who read this blog are family and friend who already know!). This might also explain why the blog has been pretty quiet. While I haven’t suffered hardly any terrible awful symptoms like nausea I really haven’t felt like doing much of anything and have been extremely tired. I literally go to work at the church or teach classes and then come home and lay on couch. As I’m sure you can tell from this blog I like to GO-GO-GO! But lately all I’ve been able to do is GO…. As I enter the 2nd trimester I hope my energy comes back!

I’ve still been teaching my fitness classes and exercising on my own. I’ve changed a few things I do and plan on doing a post about my current pregnant exercise routine. My eating has also changed a bit which I also plan on writing about.

I wrote a few entries that I saved to post until now because I wanted to capture some of the thoughts and feelings I was having early in pregnancy.  I plan on posting these soon.

Finally, I know that it is not easy for everyone to get pregnant (trust me, I have a story about this too) and I want to be sensitive to those who may struggle with infertility and may not want to read about someone else’s joy in being pregnant. I will try and indicate which posts I’ll be focusing on pregnancy and will also keep them on a separate Baby Sneaker page for easy access.

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I hope that you come along for this amazing journey that I am on and how I handle being pregnant and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!


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