I just can’t believe this!

(Originally Written June 21, 2011)

I have no idea when I will actually post this but I just had to document this most momentous day in my life (June 21 2011).

I don’t honestly know where to begin. When we first talked about starting our family three years ago I would anxiously wait each month to see if it had happened often times having “phantom” pregnancy symptoms only to be disappointed. We took an official break for a long time but this was only the second month in a long time that I charted my cycle. I began to suspect that something was up when my temperatures remained high longer than normal. I even reread my FAM book which confirmed if elevated temps. lasted longer than your average you were probably pregnant and if they last 18 days you were most certainly pregnant. I told Brian the night of day 17 that if my temps were high in the morning I was going to take a test. I bought the test hesitantly thinking I would jinx myself. Brian woke me up early because he needed to go to work early and if I was going to test and he was going to be here I needed to get up. I had already read the directions yesterday so I was ready with timer in hand. I set the timer for 2 minutes but within seconds of taking the test I saw this.


I believe I said, “Oh my gosh Brian! Oh my gosh!” when he asked what was going on I said, “The line! The line! It showed up right away! It’s suppose to take 2 minutes!” Then I hugged him and said, “You did it! You did it! We did it !” all the while crying. Then I think I looked at him and said, “Now what?”

I still seriously can’t believe this is happening. I don’t really feel different, except for having a hard time running recently. I am so happy! Get ready for an adventure people! I hope you’ll join us!


3 responses to “I just can’t believe this!

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