A Very Vegetableful Dinner

Hi there! How’s it going? Hope you are finishing the weekend on a good note! My day has actually been quite busy! I sang at our early Mass, came home and got the house all clean and sparkly, I washed 4 loads of laundry, got some knitting done on a new project, then Brian and I went to the movie Bridesmaids at our budget theater, it was HILARIOUS! I love Kristen Wiig. Then we came home and made home made pizza for dinner AND we just got back from a long walk with the dog through the marsh. Whew!

Last night for dinner I made more good use of all the plentiful vegetables we’ve been harvesting from our garden and receiving in our CSA box. I made an Italian Summer Squash Polenta bake based on this recipe.

The only changes I made were I used an eggplant instead of a bell pepper and used a white onion instead of red since that’s what I had on hand.


All the veggies chopped and ready to sauté.


It was actually  little much to sauté all at once, next time I would probably divide it in half.

Simmering in the spaghetti sauce. We used a bold and zesty flavored sauce.


I haven’t had polenta in a very long time. Polenta is basically cornmeal. You can buy it dry, like rice, and boil it up to a mushy consistency or you can buy it in a prepared roll as this recipe suggested.


Sautéing the polenta was probably the most difficult part as it sizzles and pops and created a huge mess all over my stove.


Layered in the casserole dish.


Topped with the veggies mixture.


And cheese, ready for the oven!


Right out of the oven, golden brown and bubbly!


This tasted delicious! Even Brian had TWO helpings! I really liked the polenta but next time I think I would boil some in a pot, but a layer in the bottom of the casserole dish, bake for a few minutes to create a crust and then add the rest of the layers. I actually think this would be easier! But other than that I thought this was a really good and easy recipe.

Hope you have a great summer evening!

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One response to “A Very Vegetableful Dinner

  1. What a great idea for polenta! I’ve only used it once and it did not go well 🙂 Never thought about a layer in a casserole!

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