Well, hi there! Thought I fell off the face of the planet didn’t you?? Well, I almost did, I definitely fell off the face of the blogging planet. After we returned from the Gardner’s I had to get ready for my final grad school class before writing my thesis. I was in class every day for 8-9hours these last four days. It was a wonderful class, with wonderful discussion, and wonderful people. But as always the discussion and material was little mentally intense so by the time I got home there was no way I wanted to blog about anything, even the amazing workouts I got at 5:30am! Today I went back to work at the church and had to get caught up from being gone during the week and get ready for the upcoming school year.

But never you fear. More regular blogging will resume AND I have a fun announcement coming up in a few weeks Smile! I have some new recipes I’ll be trying out this weekend utilizing some of our plentiful CSA veggies so stay tuned for that. Until then I’ll leave you with some pictures from more of our adventures at Gardner’s last weekend!

Cookout in Gardner’s backyard!


Shannon and her niece Kristin Marie (just like me!)


The Brian’s!


Dave and Amanda (Shannon’s brother and sister-in-law, Dave also worked with my Brian on the Julia Belle Swain, they are the parents of Kristin and Erica too!)


Mark and Lori!


Gardner’s garden! Can you believe this is in the middle of the city?


As the night wore on things got a little wild! Gardner brought out some cigars!

Then men enjoying the stogies! (Not my Brian….thank goodness! He was just faking for the camera)


Even one of the ladies (Lindsay) got in on the action!


The next morning some folks were in rough shape!


Not me!


We headed to the Capital View Cafe for breakfast!

Check out the amazing Belgium Waffle I had!


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