Three Musts!

Hello friends! How’s your weekend going? We are having a great time visiting our friends the Gardner’s up in St. Paul Minnesota. Last night we headed up for our annual viewing of the Miesville Mudhen’s final game of the season. As always, they won! Before the game we hung out in the parking lot, tailgating and such. It was good time!

Before coming up to St. Paul I told Gardner there were three things I MUST do while I was here…not surprisingly they all involved food!




A fresh Spring Roll from the farmer’s market, a trip to Trader Joe’s and REALLY good ice cream! While the boys were out fishing Shannon helped me accomplish all my “goals.”

After our traditional jaunt around lake Phalen
(in order to burn some calories before eating!) we ate breakfast showered and headed down to the Farmer’s Market. The fresh Spring Rolls they sell are the best I’ve ever had! I’ve been dreaming about them since I had one last year!



Next we headed over to Trader Joe’s. I just had to get some of their sunflower seed butter! I bought some the time I found Trader’ Joe’s in Rochester and loved it! Sadly the only place that sells it where I live is the Co-Op and it’s pretty expensive. I also picked up some snacks for Gardner’s party tonight.

On the way to ice cream I looked down a side street and saw this:


There was an impromptu art fair going on. We stopped and I found some cute earrings for only $5!

For our ice cream adventure we went to a new to place called Izzy’s!


How could I not eat ice cream at place named after my dog?


They had some pretty unique flavors! I rolled with a single scoop of salted caramel and for my “Izzy” (the small scoop on top) I had Blue Mountain Spice which kind of tasted like a creamy chi tea. It was so good! I will definitely have to return and try some of their other flavors!

Now we are back at the Gardner’s house and everyone is going to take a nap before the big cookout tonight! I sure am enjoying my mini-vacation. Hope you’re having a good weekend too!


3 responses to “Three Musts!

  1. Those 3 all sound pretty good to me!

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