2 Great Workouts 1 Simple Recipe

Hey there! How’s your week going? Half way there right? I am definitely looking forward to the weekend. We are headed up to the Twin Cities for adventures with our friends the Gardner’s! Always a good time!

Since I haven’t been training for any racing events I haven’t really been posting about my workouts. I guess I thought they seemed kind of tame compared to a few of my looooooooong runs! But this past week I have two really great workouts that I just had to share!

Yesterday I hit up the pool at the YMCA, something I haven’t done in awhile. It was pretty much the perfect swim. The water temperature was nice and cool, sometimes they keep it a little warm and once you get moving it gets kind of uncomfortable but yesterday was perfect for me! It was also really quiet unlike other times I’ve swam laps. I peaked in the pool today and it looked super crowed so I felt pretty lucky to have a lane to myself yesterday.

I did 2,000m (or 40 Laps) Here’s how I broke it down

Warm Up

  • 50m freestyle (front crawl)
  • 50m kick only (with kickboard)
  • 50m arms only (with pull buoy)
  • 50m freestyle

Segment 1

  • 200m freestyle
  • 50m backstroke
  • Repeat!

Segment 2

  • 25m freestyle easy
  • 25m freestyle sprint
  • Repeat 3 more times
  • 50m backstroke

Segment 3

  • 25m with kick board
  • 50m freestyle sprint
  • 25m with kick board
  • 50m freestyle sprint
  • 25m with pull buoy
  • 50m freestyle sprint
  • 25m with pull buoy

Segment 4

  • Repeat segment 2

Segment 5

  • Repeat segment 3’

Cool Down

  • Repeat of warm-up
  • 100m breast stroke

Today I did Gina’s Schweaty July Elliptical Workout AND her Schweaty Circuit Workout. I completed the whole thing in an hour including stretching. I only did the circuits twice, I probably could have done 3 sets but I wasn’t sure how long it would take so I stuck with two. It was short, sweet, and sweaty and I felt like I got a totally body workout!

Finally tonight we had quite the lovely appetizer for dinner!


Those are fresh tomatoes straight from my father-in-law’s garden! And fresh basil from our CSA share. We topped them with a little olive oil and mozzarella cheese. Yum! So delicious! A summer classic!



Hope your hump day was a good one!

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One response to “2 Great Workouts 1 Simple Recipe

  1. That looks so good! I made sure to buy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil this week because something “caprese” is going to happen! Pizza or salad or who knows what!

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